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Married Woman Shares Text Her Male Best Friend Sent To End Their Friendship After He Got A Girlfriend

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In the Reddit forum where people share the things that happen in their lives that are “mildly infuriating,” one married woman shared the text she received from her close male friend who swiftly ended their friendship because of his girlfriend.

The message shocked her, and so she posted it to the subreddit “r/mildlyinfuriating” to vent her mild frustrations to the people of Reddit. Not only was he not supposed to be talking to her, but he went above and beyond to let her know they were no longer friends.

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The man said they could no longer be friends because of his girlfriend and blocked her.

The woman’s post read, “POV: you’re happily married and message your friend who recently got a girlfriend,” jokingly using the “point of view (POV)” trend to show how ridiculous the text she received was.

She initiated what would eventually become their last, very short conversation by saying “Hey bro, how’ve you been? It’s been a while!” A sweet intro to the conversation, even adding the friendly “bro” into the mix to show that their relationship is strictly platonic — it’s unfortunate that his girlfriend doesn’t seem to think so or doesn’t care.

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“Hey just can’t talk to you anymore,” he began his response. “I just wanna fully respect what my girl wants because I broke her trust by talking to you behind her back when I told her I wasn’t going to talk to you even [though] nothing was going on, I don’t want her feeling any other type of way or [break] her trust because I truly care about her.”

All of this news was completely shocking to her, and that wasn’t the end of the text, but she does a little bit of important background explaining in the text below her post.

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“First, I have known this person for years and we’ve never been romantically or intimately involved in any way,” she writes. “Second, I had no idea he ‘wasn’t supposed to be talking to me.’ Third, I’m blocked on all kinds of social media”

This came as a complete shock to her because they don’t have any romantic history and she’s also known him for years. Going from friends to being blocked on all social media is a pretty far jump.

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He claims that he’s choosing his girlfriend because he’s serious about their relationship.

“You may not take any of this [seriously] but me and my girl are at the next level of our relationship of seriousness. I care [about] her and I love her. I’m sure you’d do the same thing if your partner told you not to talk to this person or that. I hope things [go] well with husband,” he finished off his text.

This shows all the signs of a toxic relationship seeing as having your partner telling you that you can’t talk to someone is controlling — especially when that person was your close friend for years and is currently married.

Someone in the comments raised the question of whether or not this was actually her friend writing the text, and her reply may have raised even more concerns. She said, “The way it was worded sounds like him, but not the way he thinks. She 1000% was over his shoulder telling him what to say.”

It’s unfortunate that she seems to have lost her friend over his new relationship status, but he’ll probably come running back once it inevitably ends.

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