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Best Friends Made A 'Pact' To Divorce Their Husbands So Now They're Living & Raising Kids Together

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Maddie Joy TikTok

A mom and her best friend are living together as “platonic soulmates” after they both got divorced, proving that there's no strict blueprint for how a relationship should look.

A mom named Maddie Joy posted a TikTok celebrating the non-traditional family life that she and her best friend share. 

The two best friends ‘made a pact,' both got divorced and moved in together as platonic life partners.

“My best friend and I made a pact, both got divorced, moved in together, and now she meal preps our lunches for the work week, I clean the kitchen, and we’re raising a wonderfully non-traditional family while we all heal together.”

Maddie’s TikTok received 1.2 million likes and over 6,000 comments, many of which offered support for her chosen family structure.

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Photo: TikTok

One follower said, “My mom did this with her best friend when I was a kid. The best years of my childhood. It taught me soulmates aren’t always what we are told they are.” 

“Both my parents did that and it gave me a lot of healthy role models for the young child of divorce,” another person commented.

“I think we’re all realizing we were never meant to live these isolating, hyper-independent lives,” Maddie herself mentioned in the comments. “Community is where it’s at!”

Maddie recorded several follow-up posts to answer questions about the logistics of communal living.

One follower asked, “Is it hard raising your kids parallel? Do they get along? Is it hard not having the same parenting styles?" Maddie responded by explaining that she’s a mom, yet her best friend isn’t.

“I’m actually the only one with kids between us, so that eliminates a lot of those problems,” Maddie said. “That being said, we have very similar philosophies when it comes to children.” 

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Maddie emphasized how valuable it is “to have another set of eyes, ears, and hands around... [although] I’m the one in the mothering role in this situation, she makes for an awesome auntie to the kids.”

Another follower asked, “Is there a plan for if one of you wants to remarry or has a romantic entanglement?” 

Maddie answered, “The short answer to this is yes and no. We went into this knowing she wants to get remarried in the future and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not, and we both have romantic partners but they don’t live with us. We both have similar timelines on when we would be comfortable considering moving in with a partner, and so we’re just taking things one lease at a time.”



She explained that she and her best friend have “frequent check-ins and generally talk a lot about our relationship,” showing that they both balance the emotional work it takes to maintain a healthy co-living situation. 

“In a lot of ways, we hold each other accountable in our romantic relationships,” Maddie stated. “For us, it’s less about a plan of action and more about a plan to communicate. We’ll always be an important part of each other’s lives, even if it looks different than it does now.”

Maddie and her best friend are supporting each other in their present day-to-day and into the future, no matter what form that friendship might take.

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