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Woman Records Date With 'Nice Guy' Who Controlled What She Ordered & Claims She 'Embarrassed' Him

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Man tries to control everything on awkward date

There are many ways to seal the deal for a second date, listening, being respectful, and so on.

At the very least, it is essential to allow your date order to the food she wants. One man captured in a TikTok video demonstrates a complete lack of date etiquette, teaching exactly what not to do.

This TikTok video reveals a date gone wrong where Aubry, the woman in the video, finds herself on a date with a man that tries to control everything — making her feel very awkward.

The TikTok — which appears to be taken secretly — features the conversation between them. 

The so-called 'nice guy' is controlling and demeaning throughout the date.

The video starts with the waitress telling the pair that she will be back soon to grab their order. When she leaves the table, Aubry says “So I like what she had mentioned about the scallops. That sounded really good. I’m a big seafood fan so I think I’m gonna do that.”

Her date replies, “Let me order for you, I’ll surprise you. I know what you want.”

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Visibly uncomfortable, Aubry tells her date that she hates surprises, but she goes along with his request saying, “You know this place better than me so…”

He ends up telling her that he’s getting the rib eye with the mashed potatoes so that is what he’s ordering for her as well.

Then, he takes it a step further after she mentions ordering a glass of wine by asking, “You don’t want to add on any calories do you?” He tells her “I’ll order you a drink that will suit what you’re looking for.”

She says, “What the hell am I looking for?” and he says, “Something with less calories.”

He goes on to tell her, “I know what women like. Not many guys do. I’m definitely a cut above the rest.”

When the waitress returns to take their order, Aubry begins, “I think I’m gonna go with..” but is interrupted by her date: “She’s actually going to have what I’m gonna have.” He proceeds to order her food for her, while graciously allowing her to get a side of soup.

Aubry takes a break from the date to use the restroom, where she says to the camera, “Oh my god I can’t even f—ing talk okay I can’t even order. He thinks he’s being so nice.”

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Toward the end of the awkward date, Aubry decides to take care of her portion of the bill.

 “If you don’t mind I’m gonna take care of my bill,” she says. Her date replies “I do mind,” he goes on, “You will not embarrass me.” She ends up paying via CashApp for her meal.

Once they leave the restaurant, she asks her date for permission to run to her car in the rain. He insists that he opens the door for her, to which she tells him “I could have gotten in there a lot faster if I just ran.”

The video was then posted on Twitter, where many speculated that it was staged. One claimed, “It’s so absurd to the point of me doubting it’s authenticity.”

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Knowing this experience all too well, one woman says “I don’t think it’s staged because I can hear the fear in her laughter.”

Others thought the man’s behavior – on top of being very creepy — was an extreme red flag.

“Dude definitely learned how to be a ‘gentleman’ from internet forums and ended up being a CREEP”.

“Yikes. I really think any dude that like insists that they’re being a ‘nice guy’ is a red flag. Like it’s fine to think you’re nice of course but something about the self-branding as ‘I’m a NICE GUY’ / ‘I’M A GENTLEMEN’ reeks of angry incel energy,” another adds.

Whether the TikTok was real or staged, everyone can agree that controlling everything on a first date is a guaranteed way to never get a second date.

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