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A Woman Spent $3,000 On A Dress For Her 'Toxic' Cousin's Wedding But Gets Uninvited After Showing It To The Bride

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Louisa Melcher

An unspoken rule at weddings is for the guests to not wear white since that color is reserved for the bride. However, one woman decided to try and work around that rule but ended up getting her invitation revoked to a wedding.

In a TikTok video, Lousia Melcher said she had found a dress to wear to her cousin's wedding, which was rather expensive and by a well-known designer brand. Though once Melcher's cousin, the bride, learned the color of the dress, Melcher was promptly uninvited.

Melcher says she was uninvited from her 'toxic cousins' wedding because her $3,000 dress was an off-white color.

In Melcher's video, she complained that her cousin wrongfully uninvited her all over the color of the extremely expensive dress she'd bought to wear to the wedding.

"My toxic cousin just uninvited me from her wedding that's literally this Sunday," Melcher said in her video from March 31. She explained that she'd already paid $800 on her plane ticket to fly into Maine where the wedding was taking place.

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She claimed her cousin had done all of that just because she didn't like the choice of attire Melcher was going to wear to the ceremony.

"This is the dress," Melcher continued, showing the off-white colored dress. While innocent enough, with an off-the-shoulder neckline, ruffles, and sparkling detail, the fact that the dress was so close to white irritated Melcher's cousin enough for her to be uninvited.

"It's literally $3,000 Yves Saint Laurent, can't return it. She is insisting that it is too white," she added. "This is a white piece of paper." Melcher then held the paper up to her dress, attempting to show that the dress isn't even close to the color white, despite the color of the dress is in the same family as white.

"This is a cream dress," she pressed. "It is also knee length. Is she gonna wear a knee-length wedding dress?"

Melcher then issued a direct message to her cousin, Janelle. "If you're seeing this, I hope your wedding sucks and you get divorced."

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Most of Melcher's viewers sided with her cousin and criticized her for trying to wear a white dress to a wedding.

"Team cousin here ... don't wear white or off-white [at] a wedding," one TikTok user wrote. "It is tacky."

Another user attempted to explain why Melcher's cousin was as offended as she was, writing, "Wedding dresses aren’t usually pure white! It is a little white for a wedding! I bet you have tons of other beautiful dresses."

"Thank goodness you sent her a photo. You very well could have ruined her day. Sorry dear," a third user remarked.

A fourth user chimed in, It doesn’t matter that it isn’t white. White, cream, ivory, bone. All look like a wedding dress. Length doesn’t matter either."

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if Melcher received the support that she had been hoping she'd get. Let this be a rule: don't wear any version of white to a wedding or else you may risk being uninvited.

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