Bridesmaids Accused Of Trying To Sabotage The Bride After They Cut Their Dresses During The Ceremony

The bridesmaids were accused of trying to sabotage the entire wedding by altering their dresses.

bridesmaids cutting their dresses TikTok

A group of bridesmaids has gone viral after revealing the alterations they made to their dresses, except not everyone agrees that they were in the right to do so.

In a TikTok video, Emma, who was a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding, recorded a video of her and the other women in the bridal party all together during the wedding celebrations. However, it seemed the women weren't impressed with their look and decided to fix it themselves.


They were accused of sabotaging their friend's wedding after the bridesmaids revealed they had cut their dresses during the wedding.

At the start of Emma's video, viewers already see the women working to cut the length of their dresses in an attempt to make them shorter and more appealing. The dresses are all pink, and are made out of, what appears to be, chiffon.

"When all the bridesmaids decided we were gonna cut our dresses after the reception started," Emma wrote in overlay text.

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The women are all taking turns getting their dresses cut, and they don't appear to have a strategy and are simply testing out which length would be good to have the dresses cut short. At one point, one of the bridesmaids getting her dress cut wonders if it's too short, but they continue anyway.

While the video was definitely intended to be a lighthearted memory of a fun day, many viewers were less than impressed with Emma and the other bridesmaid's decision to cut their dresses.

"Those are actually cute dresses — I wouldn’t have cut mine. I’d use the dress for a photoshoot then sell it,” one TikTok user wrote, criticizing the women’s choice to cut the dresses. Another user added, "No those dresses were beautiful, why would you cut them?"


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“The wild and crazy bridesmaids stole attention from the bride with crazy antics,” a third user remarked, while a fourth user wrote, “I’d be the bride that pays for their dresses 'cause I won’t make anyone buy their own. So I’d be pretty annoyed."

In the comments, Emma also clarified that all of the bridesmaids had planned on cutting their dresses right after the reception had started.


Other people praised the bridesmaids for changing up the look and fixing the dresses.

However, while many TikTok viewers were aghast by the entire thing, other users praised the women for being innovative and pointed out that the dresses look much better when they were shortened.

"This is such a clever idea. No one ever wears their bridesmaid dress again, anyways,” a TikTok user gushed, while another commented, “The literal version of ‘you can cut it short and wear it again."

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“I actually said the other day if my wedding dress gets in my way in the evening I’ll just get scissors and cut it myself,” a third user joked.


When asked if the bride knew about it, Emma confirmed that the bride did know and also didn't have a problem with the dresses being cut.



In a follow-up video, Emma showed the bride's reaction, who tried to act as if she were upset by it, but in reality, her reaction was pure joy and excitement. 

While the entire ordeal could've easily ended up in catastrophe, all of the bridesmaids and the bride ended up having an amazing time!


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