Bride Says Mom Refused To Be Supportive During Wedding Planning & Called Her 'Heartless' For Posting About Her Online

Her mom had been extremely unsupportive during the entire wedding planning.

Chastity TikTok

Wedding planning can sometimes bring out the worst in people, but one woman completely fell out with her own mother due to her being unsupportive and rude.

In a TikTok video, Chastity explained that she has considered cutting off her mother due to two separate incidents that happened at both her bridal party and on the day of her wedding. She claimed that her mother was being extremely toxic, and didn't have her best interests at heart.


Chastity explained that her mom threw a fit after being told she was not allowed to bring a friend to her daughter's bridal party.

In the first part of the story, Chastity shared that during the planning of her wedding, her mom has been extremely "unsupportive" and has made many comments that have rubbed her the wrong way.

At first, Chastity had asked her mom if she would be able to plan a couple's shower for her and her fiancé, to which her mom agreed and was even excited about throwing the shower. However, her mom suddenly began backing out of her responsibilities, and after Chastity told her mom there needed to be a date set in stone, her mom decided she no longer wanted to throw the shower.


Chastity's sister-in-law ended up finding out about the entire ordeal and told her that she needed to have a bridal party and offered to throw it in her mom's place. Chastity agreed, and her mom was invited to come along as well.

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"It was just the bridal party," she explained. "So, not many people at all. My mom asked me if her best friend is invited, and I kindly said no, it's just the bridal party."


When her mom heard that, she told Chastity that she wouldn't be attending the bridal party in New Orleans if her friend wasn't invited. "She still proceeded to ask my sister-in-law if she could be invited even though I already said no."

Chastity then reiterated to her mother that she was not allowed to bring any friends as it was a bridal party and only people involved in the wedding were attending. Again, her mother refused to adhere to the rules in place, leaving Chastity feeling as if she had no choice but to bend her will so her mom would come to the party.

Her mom accused her of being 'ungrateful' and 'heartless' for posting about their disagreement online.

In the second part of the wedding fiasco with her mom, Chastity revealed that her mom had found the initial video she had made about everything and was extremely upset.

"She was mad about the comments, she was mad that I was talking about her, which, fair." In response to the video, Chastity said her mom had sent "some of the meanest text messages" that she had ever received from someone.


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"I wish I would've stuck with my gut and stuck with what I knew I wanted to do," she continued, adding that everyone else in her life told her that she needed to give her mom a chance and be the bigger person at the end of the day.

While Chastity understood why people were telling her that, she still acknowledged that it was her wedding and her bridal party. Her mom ended up getting "her way" at the shower and proceeded to call Chastity "horrible names" on the day of her wedding.


"I don't know what kind of mom treats their daughter like that, the way that she has treated me. Everyone still expects me to put up with it."

In a third video, Chastity showed screenshots of the text messages she had received from her mom. In them, her mom chastised her for posting about all their drama on TikTok and said that she and her friend wouldn't be attending her bridal party after all.

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Her mom further accused Chastity of being "ungrateful" and "heartless," and pointed out that she gave up her life to raise both Chastity and her brother.


"She has said this all throughout our lives, about how she gave up her life. I did not ask you to raise you, I did not ask you to do that," Chastity remarked, adding that her mom has constantly acted in a toxic way. toward her during her entire childhood and adulthood.

"Do not try to guilt me. You should've done that out of the kindness [of your heart]," she added, speaking directly to her mother's behavior.

In the comments section, people encouraged Chastity to set boundaries with her mom.

"My response to these texts would be, 'Ok, thanks. Bye.' I do not indulge tantrums from adults," one TikToke user wrote.


Another user added, "You didn't ask to be born! She shouldn't have guilted you! I am so sorry, girl. I hope you cut her out of your life."

A third user chimed in, "She gave up her life to raise you and your brother!? What!? That’s what she is SUPPOSED to do! That’s called being a PARENT."

"My mom does the same thing it’s a crazy thing. Sorry you go through this I know it’s rough but keep your head up and keep her cut off," a fourth user remarked.

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