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Woman Accused Of Having 'Main Character Syndrome' After Announcing Her Pregnancy At Her Dad's Wedding

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Ella Amber

A UK woman is being ridiculed online after sharing a video of her delivering special news during her dad's wedding.

While giving a speech during her dad and stepmom's wedding reception, Ella Amber declared that she had a special announcement to make. While the reveal made her dad and stepmom overjoyed, viewers who watched the sweet moment were not convinced it was done in good nature.

Amber is being accused of stealing her dad's spotlight after announcing her pregnancy during his wedding.

In a TikTok video, that has since been deleted, Amber can be seen delivering a speech during her dad, 61, and stepmom's, 55, wedding reception in July 2022. 

After informing everyone to raise their glasses in a toast to the newlywed couple, Amber directed the last bit of her speech toward her dad, telling him there was just "one more thing" she wanted to add before she would be done.

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"I have got you a little gift," she tells him, bending down to retrieve a wrapped package in a bag. "Now, it's a special gift that, hopefully, will always remind you, as it does me, of special times together when I was young."

Amber walks over to her father, handing him the wrapped gift for him to unveil. She tells the other wedding guests that her father used to read her a specific book when she was a young child and that it was a "special treat" when he would come home from work and read it to her before she went to bed.

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She tells her father to open the gift, which is the same book he read to her when she was young. "So, Dad, if you open up the book. I want you to turn to the first page and see why I bought this book for you."

"Hopefully you'll see that you have a reason to read this book again in the not-so-soon future."

As he flips to the first page, Amber placed an ultrasound photo in the book, officially telling her dad that he would soon become a grandfather. He immediately clutches his chest, clearly overcome with happiness, and stands to embrace Amber.

The entire room of wedding guests clapped in delight, while Amber's stepmom sits beside him, also smiling with clear excitement before Amber goes over to hug her as well. While the moment was incredibly sweet and heartwarming, people online didn't share the same reaction.

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Amber said she was 'saddened and shocked' by the online hate she received after the video was shared.

In an interview with South West News Service, via Fox News, Amber recalled accusations of having "main character syndrome" by upstaging her father at his own wedding with her pregnancy announcement.

She explained that she received loads of messages from people online calling her "selfish."

"Being called ‘selfish’ online was quite hurtful as my decision to announce my pregnancy was to make my dad and stepmom even [happier] on their special day," Amber told the publication. "It wasn’t meant to be about me at all."

She added that she was extremely nervous to present the news in her speech in the first place, but decided to do it for her dad and stepmom, who were both "so excited about the idea of becoming grandparents."

"People can be so quick to judge someone they don’t know," she pointed out. "I’m a big believer in the importance of mental health and wish social media didn’t have a toxic side attached to it. The world would be a much happier place if everyone was kind."

Despite the negative reaction online, Amber said she couldn't be more overjoyed at how excited her dad was about his grandchild, a son named George who Amber and her husband welcomed in January 2023. 

She said her father "couldn't stop rewatching the video of the speech and announcement" once his wedding was over.

"They both cried at the time and were so emotional and happy," she said of her dad and stepmom.

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