Woman Shares Video Of Her Uber Driver Allegedly Breaking Into Her Home After Dropping Her Off

He didn't steal anything.

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What began as a seemingly safe Uber ride home ended in a nightmare for a woman who claims her driver broke into her house.

Gigi Rao explained in her TikTok video that the Uber driver dropped her and her boyfriend off at home at around 12:45 AM where they ate and went to bed.

However, the next day, she woke up to find that her home had been broken into while she slept.

She claims she found Ring camera footage of her Uber driver in her home.

Rao says she routinely looks back over her security camera footage to look for funny videos of her and her boyfriend coming home drunk.


However, when she watched the night's footage back, she saw a man in her home.

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“And I look at the video a bunch of times [because] I’m freaking out and there’s only footage of him leaving the apartment, never walking in,” the TikToker said.

She explained that he had just been looking around her apartment and inspecting it before leaving through the front door at around 1:40 AM.



Rao added, “He didn’t steal anything which is weird [because] we had so many valuables.”


When she walked out of her bedroom, she saw that her living room screen window was cut open and there had been some dirt nearby. Hence, she presumes that is how he got in.

Rao immediately called the police and had them come to investigate.

“The Uber driver never noticed that he was on a ring camera, he never noticed on the door [because] he didn’t come in through the front,” Rao explained.

What unsettled her most isn't just that the driver broke in, it's that she still doesn't know why he did so since he didn't take anything.

Although nothing was stolen, she admitted that she would feel better if he had robbed her.

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“I don’t know how he knew which apartment was mine. I’m assuming, he saw the lights on. He saw the lights go on or something,” Rao said.

She later also notified Uber about it and they said that they will look into it and take some action against the man.

She ended her video with a piece of cautionary advice for other people to be safe while using Uber.

“Thankfully, I’m okay. Just everyone be safe because you never know what could happen. The ride seemed totally normal,” Rao concluded.

TikTokers expressed their concerns and fears regarding the issue.

“Its terrifying @Uber hasn’t done anything about this because he could do it to someone else!!” one user wrote.


“I’m sorry this happened. That’s really scary! Please purchase door chimes. You can place them on windows too,” another user wrote.

One person commented, “You should put a screenshot of his Uber contact out here so others can make sure not to go with him.”

“Scan for cameras now maybe he set them up to watch you? Please be safe,” another person commented.

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