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Woman Confronts Stranger Who Entered Her Home While Her Daughters Were Sleeping

Photo: TikTok
Strange man in house TikTok

Any woman’s worst nightmare is to come across a man you don’t know inside her home, which is what one TikToker encountered and posted a video about.

A TikToker who goes by Lapretty posted a ten-second clip from the moment she caught a dazed and confused man sleeping in her house.

The woman came home to find the stranger asleep on her couch.

She captioned the video “Some man was sleep[ing] on my couch for 3 hours. I woke him up and he was scared.

In the video, the man seems lost as he seemingly tries to explain that he thought he was at his friend’s house.



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The poster demands an explanation, shouting, “What friends?” The man continues to ramble incoherently.

Next, Lapretty explains the gravity of the situation to the man, saying, “I got little girls in here!”

She then addresses her daughters, asking them, “Did anybody come in y’all’s room?”

The distraught man suddenly appears to realize he has made a big mistake, shrieking, “Oh sh-t” before the video ends with him headed out of frame.

In a second video, the intruder asks the woman, “What are you screaming about?”

One viewer noted that “He sounds foreign tbh,” referencing the man’s accent.



Appalled by his audacity, Lapretty lashes out telling him to leave her house.

As he wanders back and forth for a minute, she yells, “Hurry up before I shoot your a--!”

In the final part of the saga, the man is standing outside in front of the camera wobbling back and forth, seemingly disoriented.

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She was eventually able to chase the strange man off.

The video has no sound but is captioned “The police was called, and I chased his a-- cause he took off.”

This revelation confused viewers.

One person said, "Wait...so he [got] out the house and you start chasing him in the dark?”

Another user was also confused by the woman’s actions, posting, “So you chase him after you tell him leave?????”

Users were also skeptical as to how he was able to get in the house unnoticed.

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One person asked, “My only question is how the heck someone in your house and you didn’t hear or know?”

Someone also thought he might have been a victim of a practical joke.

They said, “It sounds like he said 'with your friends' I wonder if someone pranked his drunk behind and told him to go in.”

Even with all the questions, people were happy that the woman and her invited guest escaped the ordeal unharmed.

One person lamented, “That is scary. Glad you are okay,” while another offered some sound advice, “you need better locks and security.”

Whether this was a prank, a harmless drunken man that wandered into the wrong house, or the woman and her kids were in real danger, everyone is happy that everyone survived unscathed.

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