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Hotel Receptionist Records Rude Guest Insisting She Give Him Someone Else’s Room After He Messed Up Booking

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Hotel receptionist TikTok

A hotel receptionist carefully and professionally handled a situation in which a father of two argued with her over his hotel room and posted it on TikTok.

Fearing an escalation of the encounter or maybe just wanting to expose the customers she has to deal with, she secretly recorded the man who was angry with her over not helping him with his room.

The hotel receptionist recorded the man berating her over a booking error.

The woman, who goes by @localtumbleweed on TikTok, kindly told him that Booking.com sent them a reservation for one king bed and one sofa pullout couch.

“We have two kids and us, we can’t all sleep on a king bed that’s ridiculous,” the man says to the receptionist.



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As many people quickly pointed out in the comments, one king bed is more than enough for two adults and the sofa pullout couch is more than enough for two children — but the father wasn’t hearing it.

“What do you expect us to do?” he asked.

Reiterating the same information, the woman calmly responded by telling the man what she knows and what she can offer him.

“We could either check you into that room or cancel the reservation, that’s the only two options,” she tells the man.

The hotel was completely booked so the only options left were to go in or get out.

“Are there any other Holiday Express hotels you could check us into?” he asked, hoping that she could somehow help them into another room at another hotel, but she stood her ground and claimed that it wasn’t in her power to do so.

At this point, his true intentions were becoming clear and many people in the comments realized it as well, saying “my money is on him purposefully booking a room that would be ‘too small’ in the hopes of a free upgrade.”

Fortunately, the receptionist was also able to catch on as he continued to complain about how she wouldn’t “help” them, eventually asking her to get him in another room.

“Who hasn’t checked in and what else is available with more beds?” he asked, hoping to get a room that someone had already reserved.

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After several minutes of the back and forth, a third person cuts in, likely waiting in line behind the angry father, and explains exactly how they could all fit into the room.

“I’m just stepping in, like, you have a king bed and a pull out right? You have two beds and four [people],” but the father dismisses him, telling him to “shut it” and even threatens him.

The moment he decided to be disrespectful toward another guest, the receptionist had enough and said “that’s not really respectful, I think we can just go ahead and cancel your reservation.”

The receptionist posted an update explaining what exactly happened with the man’s room.

“He basically reserved a two queen bed suite that had the two queen beds and the sofa pull-out couch but then he called and canceled that reservation because it was too expensive and then he made another reservation through a third party for the king suite,” she explained.

When he showed up at the hotel, he tried to fight for a free upgrade. But because he canceled the original reservation, there were no more rooms available.



The hotel already offered free breakfast so a food voucher didn’t exist, there were no more rooms for him to upgrade to, and she could have helped him into another hotel but he would’ve ended up paying for two rooms because he booked through a third party.

When he came back, he asked her to cancel the reservation and asked about any pending cancellation fees. She said there were none.

“I don’t believe you,” he said, spitting on the floor more than once.

The video ends with him walking off to call the third party in order to cancel.



“Love how his ENTIRE mannerisms changed as soon as he realized he couldn't scare you into giving him stuff,” wrote one user under her videos.

Others commended her for her patience and ability to handle the situation with so much professionalism.

“Girl, you handled that so well. I would have lost it,” was the sentiment shared by many.

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