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Woman Let A Mommy Facebook Group Play Matchmaker & They Helped Her Find Her Husband

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Marisa Skolnick and Matt Berson wedding and proposal photos

A woman named Marisa Skolnick decided that, after a lack of success in finding her ‘forever’ man, she would let a Facebook group full of moms find the man of her dreams for her.

With the help of a few of her sorority sisters from her college days at Rutgers University, they set up a dating profile for her in the Moms of the Upper East Side (MUES) Facebook group that boasts nearly 22,000 members and let everyone work their magic.

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The Moms of the Upper East Side on Facebook found Marisa Skolnick the man of her dreams.

Liz Soleimani and Skolnick spoke with the New York Post in an interview about how the entire process came about and progressed until Skolnick found her match.

Soleimani, along with two other friends named Brooke Viggiano Fischer and Felice Guberman, had set up a dating profile for their friend in the Facebook group, writing “We suck at making matchmaking profiles, but don’t let that reflect on how incredible she is.”

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They claim that the then-37-year-old was the “funnest person to be around,” had a ton of ambition, was very sociable and friend/family-oriented, and “has a huge heart.”

“She is looking for a great guy in the NY area who is driven, kind, looking for a serious relationship, and is taller than her” at 5’8”, they finished the post out.

Since the three sisters were already entrenched in their lives of motherhood on the Upper East Side, they saw that over the years, people had been making these kinds of profiles to help their friends find a match.

“Over the years we saw people putting little ads for their brothers or their sisters — sometimes you’d see follow-ups, so I asked Marisa if she would be OK,” Soleimani said.

Once the “ad” went up, Soleimani’s inbox was flooded with private messages.

Despite the massive popularity of her post, only one message stood out.

Another mom in the group, 43-year-old sales representative Jodi Kramer, simply sent in a photo of her husband’s best friend — 44-year-old Matt Berson.

The brown-eyed financier from Queens had never been married, had no kids, and lived in Williamsburg with his golden doodle.

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Almost immediately, Soleimani looked to her friends and said, “this is the match.”

Equally, Kramer recalled “I saw [Marisa’s] bio and I said to my husband, ‘This is Matt as a female.’”

The two parties set up their matches, and Berson and Skolnick went on their first date on September 17, 2021, where they spent hours at a Japanese cocktail spot named Bar Goto on the Lower East Side.

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Skolnick was instantly attracted to her now-husband.

The date lasted seven hours and even went on to the point where Berson joined Skolnick in meeting up with her friends at a bar later on, before going out for a late dinner.

“Everything was just so easy and hilarious we just didn’t want the date to end,” Skolnick said. “I didn’t want to stop talking — he was the first person I was excited to be dating. He actually gave me the butterflies, which is corny and true.”

After 10 months of dating, Skolnick moved into Berson’s Williamsburg apartment — the same place and month he decided to pop the question and ask her to marry him.

The two married on December 3, 2022, at a vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island with Kramer’s husband as the officiant.

Skolnick, who now goes by Berson, reveled in the fact that he had been the first and only man she had gone on a date with out of all of the Facebook suitors.

If you find yourself struggling to meet your match made in heaven, look no further than the mommy Facebook groups online.

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