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'My Husband Has A Second Family. I Found Out On Facebook' — Woman Learns About Husband's Double Life

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An upset wife posted on Reddit after learning that her husband of seventeen years had been living a double life.

In Reddit’s ‘True Off My Chest’ subreddit, the woman shared how she found out that she was living a lie and wrestled with what to do next.

She learned her husband had a second family from Facebook.

"My husband, my rock, has been having an affair for over 17 years. We have been married for over 25 years," she begins her post.

The married couple raised three children together. Two were in college at the time of her sharing her story, while the third was still at home.

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The stay-at-home mom is the family's caretaker while her husband, an insurance broker, spends every second week out of state at a different branch of his firm.

"Turns out," she writes, "He’s been with his other family in Albuquerque, where his other branch is. He’s got a fiancé, whom he has 2 kids with, both in their early teens."



The wife found out accidentally. She needed to create a new Facebook page and searched for her husband’s name during the process.

To her surprise, another account appeared displaying a different last name for him.

When she dug in further, the distraught woman found links to his fiancé’s page and their two teens along with photos from their life together.

"Among those photos were photos of him kissing the girl, and him being fatherly with kids who look nearly identical to my husband," she wrote.

At the time of writing the post, the man is at his second home while his wife struggles with what to do next.

She wonders how she could have overlooked the fact that he was lying to her for almost two decades.

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"I am absolutely broken. Almost every part of me wants to scream in his face and reprimand him for ruining my life," she explains. "But another part of me wants to pretend to be ignorant and let it be."

"Because our life is peaceful, he’s good with our kids, he's the main source of financial income, he’s loving, but he’s also all those things to another family."

She worries that not only would this revelation tear apart her own family, she would also be exposing this awful information to another unfortunate woman.

With her son that still lives at home away on a graduation trip, the wife is left to deal with her emotions alone.

Every time she thinks about picking up and leaving, she remembers all the holidays spent in the family home and all the time she spent raising their children while her husband claimed to be working hard.

Providing an update, the woman added that she has been speaking to an attorney about what to do next.

"I’ve also been in contact with the other woman. I’ve told her, explained the situation, and she was equally as distraught," she adds.

She explains that she confronted her husband and he is now staying in a hotel but she's at a loss about what to tell her children.

Reddit users flocked to the woman's defense and praised her strength.

"You've got to clear your head enough to be smart and protect your kids and your own self," one user writes.

"The most important thing is grabbing evidence and getting a divorce lawyer," another added.

"Whilst you might want to turn a blind eye, the fact that he's put a ring on the other woman's finger means you cannot ignore this as he may very well be getting ready to hand you divorce papers to marry this woman."

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