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Woman Reveals She Went On '6 Dates A Week' To Avoid Paying For Groceries

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Vivian Tu, man and woman laughing while on date

A woman has revealed a hack she used to save on groceries, and all she had to do was go on multiple dates a week.

In a TikTok video, Vivian Tu shared how she was able to score free meals and save money that she would usually use to buy food for herself.

Vivian Tu revealed that she went on 'six dates a week' to avoid paying for groceries.

In a viral video that has boasted over 80,000 views, Tu revealed that "between 2016-2018" she didn't once buy groceries and managed to save "about $150 a week," just from going on dates.

"When they say women are bad with money, but you used to go on six dates a week to avoid paying groceries," Tu wrote in overlay text in her video, mouthing along to Lana Del Rey’s “Jealous Girl” while at the beach.

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Tu's video was met with varying reactions from other TikTok users, with some praising Tu for her methods.

"This honestly makes me so proud of you," one user wrote, while another user added, "You might be onto something."

However, other users voiced their criticism of Tu's methods.

"Borderline unethical," a third user pointed out, which prompted a response from Tu, who defended her choice to go on dates to receive free meals.

"What is? The fact that there is a glass ceiling in the workplace so statistically men are likely to have more disposable income even in the same job?" Tu replied.

She also clarified that she wasn't "taking advantage" of any of the men that took her on the dates, blaming their need to pay on their "finance bro egos."

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Tu first began using dates as a means to pay for meals due to her 'high expenses.'

In a January 2022 interview with Elite Daily, Tu explained that she had "jokingly" made her controversial video and didn't originally "start going on dates" for food.

However, she quickly noticed that while going on these dates, her finances were greatly improving.

Tu claimed that when she first moved to New York City when she was around 22/23, she decided to start finding dates for herself on dating apps.

"Something surprising happened when I decided to start dating: the amount of money I was spending on food went down," she told the publication.

"At the time, I thought, 'If I'm going out two times per week now on dates, shouldn't my budget have gone up?' That’s what prompted this video."

She further explained that even though she was making $95,000 a year, her living expenses were “very high.”

While Living in Hell’s Kitchen, Tu said it wasn’t the easiest to find affordable groceries nearby.

Despite joking about going on dates to avoid paying for groceries, Tu clarified that "deliberately going on dates for a free meal isn't a good idea."

"Of course, it's fun to date, but using this as a money-saving strategy may not work for everybody — and it’s probably bad karma, to boot."

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