Pregnant Bride Goes Into Labor On Wedding Day & Drives To Hospital By Herself

It was the most 'memorable wedding day' for the bride.

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A bride preparing for her wedding day had an unexpected change of plans when she went into labor before making it down the aisle.

Rebecca Macmillan ended up giving birth on the day she was supposed to get married after her water broke four weeks before her due date.

Macmillan said, “Every bride wants a memorable wedding day and Rory has made ours more memorable than most.”

The bride had to drive herself to the hospital just a few hours before her wedding.

Macmillan and her husband-to-be, Nick Cheetham, had been planning their wedding for a while and were going to postpone their wedding date after they found out that they were expecting a baby.


However, they opted to continue their original plans, thinking everything would run smoothly.

Macmillan said, “We were going to postpone the wedding but, after the pandemic, we [realized] life is too short and decided, ‘Let's just go for it’” 

During the wedding planning, everything seemed fine for the bride and she didn’t think of the possibility of giving birth on her wedding day.

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She even had a good time in the celebrations leading up to the wedding. However, she felt a bit different the evening before the wedding and she called for a midwife.


“She assessed me and said my symptoms were OK and I should be fine. We had a pre-wedding dinner with our parents, then I went to bed for an early night at a B&B whilst Nick stayed at a nearby hotel,” Macmillan said.

Early next morning, Macmillan woke up to labor pains and realized her water broke. She quickly got up and got ready to go to the hospital, however, she knew she had to go by herself.

She said, “As I was leaving, I knocked on my bridesmaids' door to tell them I was heading to [the] hospital. I had to drive myself because I was the only one who hadn't had a drink at dinner.”

The couple had to postpone their wedding just hours before the ceremony.

When Cheetham found out that Macmillan was on her way to the hospital, he had to cancel everything for the day.


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“Our family and friends who were local gathered at the venue to start dismantling the wedding - collecting my dress, decorations, [jewelry], the cake, putting it all back in storage for the next big day,” Macmillan said.

While the wedding ceremony was canceled, the couple got the chance to have a small cake-cutting ceremony with their family and friends at the hospital.

Macmillan mentioned that all family, friends and the wedding vendors were quite understanding of the situation.

She said, “We feel so very lucky to have Rory - and our amazing family and friends who got stuck in dismantling our wedding set-up and contacting our guests.”


Some of the vendors agreed to offer their services on another day, however, the couple lost a lot of money.

Macmillan said, “We may have lost most of the money but the joy of having our son is priceless.”

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