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A Woman Changed Her Name In Her Fiancé's Phone To His Ex's Name & Recorded His Questionable Reaction To Her Text

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A woman's boyfriend explains texts he received from her as a loyalty test

Some people feel compelled to ensure their partner remains loyal in a relationship, and some of those people have different ways of “testing” their partner’s loyalty.

Sending fake text messages to a partner is a unique way of going about it, and that's just what one woman on TikTok decided to do.

In order to test her fiancé's loyalty, she changed her name on her fiancé's phone to his ex.

The woman, Quincie, posted on the video-sharing platform TikTok, showing her boyfriend, Zach, working out at home on a recumbent bicycle.

“I changed my name on my [fiancé's] phone to his ex's then sent him a message,” she wrote in the video before documenting his reaction to her texting him from a different contact name.

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His phone’s notification sounds — he looks at it and glances back at her for a second but doesn't appear to want to 'fess up about the text straight away.

When she asks who texted him, his response upset many people who watched the video.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think it was my mom,” he says. Zach shrugs off the text, causing viewers to wonder if he was trying to keep his text from his "ex" a secret.

“Your mom?” Quincie asks. “Let me see. What’s your mom saying?”

Zach picks up his phone and turns it away from her as she approaches. The swift movement only further adds to speculation that he had no intention of revealing that his ex texted him.

“Why are you being so weird?” he asks her. She reiterates that she wants to see what his mom is purportedly texting him.

He asks her again why she’s acting strange. She gasps as she realizes that he’s turning his phone away from her.

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'Why are you hiding your phone?' she asks, the question viewers were almost certainly thinking by this point too.

Zach gets off the workout machine and questions her who “Kaylah” is — the name she changed her contact to on his phone.

It becomes clear at this point that Quincie may have messed up — either Zach is playing dumb or she picked a name that isn't even the name of one of his exes.

“Second off, you didn’t delete our texts,” Zach continues. Zach's phone screen reveals that his conversations with his girlfriend are sitting directly above the most recent text from his "ex," meaning Quincie's plan had more flaws than she might have realized. 

She starts laughing at her mistake as she shows his phone’s screen to the camera. 

“I forgot to delete our texts before I changed the name,” she wrote on the video. The texts reveal a photo she sent him of a dog and asking if he was golfing prior to the fake message she sent.

The fake one reads, “hey zach, it’s been awhile. how are you?”

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Despite Zach uncovering the ploy, people in the comments are still upset.

“If you don’t have trust issues, you should now,” another added.

“He saw the name and probably the message on the lockscreen first. He lied. Got away with it when he opened the message,” one person wrote.

She further explained in the comments that he knew it was her texting him the whole time, hence why he lied to her.

“He was messing with me,” she wrote.

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One person questioned her choice to test his loyalty altogether.

“So you’re intentionally starting a fight with him?” a user asked in the comments.

They're begging the question of whether or not loyalty tests are a healthy way of confirming your partner’s loyalty.

So, how can loyalty be affirmed without putting your partner in an uncomfortable situation?

Dr. Michael Reiger, a clinical psychologist, told YourTango in December 2022, “many couples begin relationships and marriages relying on their commitment to their vows as a safeguard from relationship betrayals.”

He went on to share three ways that partners can demonstrate their loyalty: “make your partner the priority in your life,” “create healthy boundaries, everywhere,” and “spend quality time connecting.”

It’s not up to you to check your partner’s loyalty, it’s their responsibility to confirm it to you in a healthy way.

Even though loyalty tests can be funny, they can be very toxic!

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