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Woman Dumped While Pregnant Says Her Ex Is Trying To Raise Her Baby With His New Girlfriend

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A man reached new levels of heartlessness when he dumped his girlfriend twice while she was pregnant with his baby after being with her for eight years.

“He left me at 6 months pregnant with no explanation, then weeks later came back and said he'd made a mistake so we got back together.... 2 months later he left me again,” the woman wrote on the British forum, “Mumsnet.”

Mumsnet is a place where people can share their dilemmas with strangers and get advice or words of support from them.

She later found out that her boyfriend dumped her because he cheated on her.

He would meet up with women behind her back while telling her that he was working.

She also confronted him about everything but he denied all of it.

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As the two were no longer together, they thought it would be best to stay in touch and be good parents to their baby daughter.

After moving out of her house, he began living with his friends while trying to sort out his life.

“I'm currently days away from having my baby and her dad has just admitted he's in a new relationship and has moved in with this woman,” she wrote.

He wanted their daughter to live with him and his new girlfriend.

He had reached out to her quite suddenly and she was shocked by his proposition to have their daughter living with them — it was heartbreaking for her.

They were quite serious about it as his new girlfriend also reached out to the woman.

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“I received a message from her telling me how she's going to love and look after my daughter and they want her to stay over at their house when she's born,” the woman added.

Trying to be mature about it, she agreed and thought that they could work something out, but that was short-lived as she later changed her mind about it.

When she notified her boyfriend, he was angry and refused to leave the situation as is.

He wanted to go to court to fight for the baby’s custody.

“I feel awful, I love him so much and this baby was planned and wanted more than anything, I can't believe he's done this to me,” she added.

With the way things are proceeding, she asked internet users whether she should just let her daughter be a part of his life or should she let it go to court.

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She wrote, “I never wanted this, I wanted him to be part of everything even with all the cheating but the fact he's moved in with someone and she has the front to come to me and tell me she's going to do this, that and the other just sickens me.”

She despised that she would have to share her daughter with a woman she didn’t know.

Additionally, she felt it was unfair for her boyfriend to have a happy life with their daughter while she was sad and alone.

Internet users offered her solutions for her situation.

One user wrote, “I cannot stress enough that you should not put his name on baby's birth certificate. His name on the birth certificate will give him parental rights which means he will always have a say in your baby's life.”

Another user wrote, “At this point, I would completely ignore all contact from his new girlfriend. It's inappropriate and she isn't involved with you.”

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