Man Thanks His Parents For Supporting Him With A Christmas Gift That Brings Them To Tears

He thanked them for who he is

man presenting parents with card and gift TikTok

Parenting is a thankless job. You do everything that you believe will help your children become healthy, functional adults and hope for the best. The biggest blessing to any mom or dad is seeing that their hard work and dedication paid off and their children are successful in life.

One TikToker by the name of Jamie Lo wanted to show his parents that he appreciated the sacrifices they had made throughout his life.


In his video captioned “One of my proudest moments of my life. So happy to give them what they deserve,” he gave them an epic Christmas surprise.

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He decided that, for Christmas, he would pay off his parent's mortgage.

The video starts with Jamie and his mother and father gathered in the living room area of their home.

His mom waves at the camera, giddily welcoming anyone watching. He asks both parents to close their eyes. His father protests at first but after prodding from his mother, agrees.




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Jamie reminds them to keep their eyes closed and pulls out a greeting card. His mom, sounding emotional asks, “Now, is this going to make me cry?” Without hesitation, he lets her know that it probably is.

The TikToker starts to read the card. He recites, “Dear Mom and Dad, throughout my whole life, you guys have always supported me whether it was emotionally, financially, or whatever journey I was on.”


He told them that at times he felt like quitting, they encouraged him to keep going. Jamie went on to say he had made a promise to himself years that if he ever “did well” for himself, he would take care of them.

Now, in the financial position he had hoped for, he thanks his parents for making him the person he is and for getting him through this life.

He adds, “You two mean the world to me and I’m so proud to be your son.”

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Jamie then hands his mother an envelope and says, “Congratulations on your home because the rest of this is to pay off your mortgage.”


His mom shrieks “no way” in disbelief. She cries and thanks her son as she pulls him in for a tight hug. Jamie’s father seems to be at a loss for words, shocked by the gift they had received.

The video titled, “Surprising my mom and dad by paying off their mortgage for [a] Christmas present” ends with the parents thanking their thoughtful son over and over again.

Viewers were in their feelings about the video. One person posted, “What an incredibly generous and thoughtful gift to give! They must be great parents to have raised you so well.”

Another person touted the kindness of the gesture while musing about her own appreciation for her parents. She said, “I wish I could do this for my parents, such a kind gesture.”


Some people were thrown off by Jamie’s father’s demeanor. They thought that his silence meant he was confused, but a TikToker was quick to dispel that theory.

That person stated, “The dad is not confused. The dad is calculating and thinking how his son struggled for this. His look reminds me of my late dad.”

The reactions were positive with people saying they were brought to tears by the tender moment. Parents are priceless and any time you are able to recognize their contributions, you should.


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