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Woman Who Shared Video Proposing To Her Boyfriend Is Forced To Block Him After People Started 'Bullying' Her

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In heterosexual relationships, it has become the "norm" for men to propose to their partners but some women choose to stick their ring fingers up at tradition by taking matters into their own hands.

With nothing stopping women from proposing to men — apart from old-fashioned expectations — role reversal is becoming increasingly common.

What hasn't been done away with yet, however, is the criticism hurled by people who believe it should be up to men to pop the question.

When one woman decided to share the "wholesome" way she proposed to her fiancé, folks weren’t happy.

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A video of the woman's proposal to her boyfriend was met with vicious backlash.

Playing into gender roles, commenters were mostly upset at the fact that it was a woman kneeling for a man. She even had to block comments from the original post, so her fiance wouldn’t see all the negativity.

The original video showed the woman, Breanna, and her future husband in beautiful mountain scenery. Her partner was decked out in a navy blue suit, while she wore a floral blue dress to match. 



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She got down on one knee, and asked her man to marry her.

The caption of the video read: “When you post the most wholesome post ever and all of the comments are this,” she wrote.

The next few captions were screenshots of comments that users had made on the video. 

“Congratulations. Unpopular opinion, I think this isn’t right. Let men be men by putting themselves in a position of asking their woman … not the other way around," wrote one person whose opinion was not solicited.

"We change our last names, we give birth to children and get a period every month. We work, we cook and we do all this stuff too. Now y’all want us to buy the ring and propose? This [is] a man's trap and y’all silly a–es are falling for it. Dumb af." 

Other comments were similar to this one. Another user thought that it was “the man’s job” to propose. 

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Breanna posted a response video to all the "misogynists." 

Breanna had posted a second video, probably because she wanted to expose all the “misogynists” in her comment section. 



The caption in her response video read “when I posted my proposal and everyone started bullying us and I literally had to block my fiance [because] I didn’t want him to read the comments.” 

Despite the negative comments, she decided to keep the comments because she “wants [her] daily latte paid for.” 

Many folks in the comment section of the response video were apologetic, and couldn’t believe that people were bullying her for proposing to her boyfriend.

"The proposal is not even that important, it’s about YOU and your partner and your happiness to each other."

Another user wrote, "Babe it was cute don’t stress."

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