Airline Offers The First Adult-Only Section Where Passengers Have To Pay Extra To Sit Without Kids Nearby & People Are Divided

Many people think it's a great idea while others argue that children have the right to exist in public spaces.

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We’ve all been there: stuck in a cramped airplane seat with little room to stretch our legs and lay our heads down, all while a toddler or baby screams to the point where we believe our eardrums may be shattered. While young children are likely just as uncomfortable as we are on long flights and we can have empathy for their stressed parents who are doing everything they can to settle their children, many of us can admit that it is not our favorite situation to be a part of. 


In an attempt to combat this issue, one airline is introducing the first-ever adults-only section of the plane that will guarantee passengers a quiet and peaceful flight, and opinions are divided regarding the matter. 

The European airline is opening an adult-only zone for passengers 16 and older.

Beginning in November 2023, Corendon Airlines will set aside 93 regular seats and nine extra legroom seats in an adults-only section of the aircraft of the company’s Airbus A350 jets, which has a total of 432 seats. 

The section will be located at the front of the plane and will be blocked off from the rest of the aircraft with a wall and a curtain to eliminate the noise of any children on board. 


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The adults-only section will first be introduced on flights between Amsterdam to Curacao, which take about 10 hours both ways and will cost an additional charge for interested passengers to book. According to the Corendon Airlines website, seats in the adults-only section will cost an extra 45 euros (equivalent to $49), with the extra-legroom seats being an additional 100 euros ($109). However, travel experts do not believe that the additional cost will deter passengers who want a quiet flight from booking the seats. 

“New leisure airlines need strong marketing to break through,” Scott Keyes, the founder of the flight-search site Going, told AP News. “Trying something new and generating free press is valuable for an otherwise little-known airline.” 


Although the adults-only zone was designed to make trips easier for both people who want to have a peaceful flight and families with young children, opinions were split. 

Many frequent fliers were thrilled to learn about this new convenient section and believed that it was beneficial for both adults traveling solo and families. 

“I can't stand kids (other than my friends' kids) so yeah, I'd definitely pay more for an adult-only flight, like I pay more for adult-only hotels, etc.,” one X (formerly known as Twitter) user shared. 

“I think it is a good idea. Parents can relax and feel less judged and those who don't want to endure a flight with a screaming child can pay more and fly relaxed,” another user wrote. 

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According to a study conducted by Photoaid, an online U.S. passport company, over 80% of people want airline companies to offer adult-only flights. The same study also found that 64% of travelers would gladly pay extra to fly on an adult-only flight. 



However, some people believe that airlines are a public space, and should be open to everyone including young children. 

While screaming babies could be annoying on flights, they argued that as adults, we could demonstrate compassion. 


“People should realize, they were all young once,” one X user pointed out. “People should not be mad if they get on public transportation and the public is there,” another user wrote. “We shouldn’t have to divide public transportation into unnecessary sections.” 

Other people believed that Corendon Airlines was not actually concerned about those who wanted a quiet flight, but was a decision simply motivated by financial gain for the company. 

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An adults-only section could really be the best solution for all passengers.

It is undoubtedly stressful to be a parent of a young child on a plane. Between keeping them entertained with a million snacks and toys and attempting to soothe them as they get restless and their ears start to pop, it goes without saying that the responsibility is exhausting. 


However, it is also exhausting to be a passenger without children trying to get some rest on a flight between business meetings whose naps are interrupted by wailing children. 

An adults-only section on planes could be the solution for both sides, with child-free passengers being able to enjoy a peaceful flight and parents of young children not having to worry about judgmental stares and comments from fellow passengers about their children. 

Only time will tell, as there are still two more months until the adult-only section is introduced on Corendon flights if it will be a success that other airlines will soon choose to include it on their own aircraft. 

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