Woman Jokingly Plays A Game Of 'Pregnancy Test Roulette' With Her Friends — But One Came Back Positive

That's one way to find out you're pregnant.


A woman named Sarajane LaRevitzear (@sj.larevitzear) decided that, as a fun little joke, she and her friends would play a game called “Pregnancy Roulette.”

The plan was for the four women to all take pregnancy tests together for fun — usually done around a time when one of them is having a pregnancy scare — in order to see if any of them would come back positive.

Without expecting it, the ‘pregnancy roulette’ resulted in a positive pregnancy test.

“Pregnancy Russian Roulette!” LaRevitzear enthusiastically exclaimed in the video, which received over 10.9 million views on TikTok. “Here we go!”


As LaRevitzear and the ladies pace around the apartment and open their pregnancy test, they discuss their nerves and thoughts about the situation.

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One of the four women already has a child and LaRevitzear, giving the baby a close-up, jokes that “there could be another one of you.”


After they have all taken their individual test, they gather around on the carpet and remove the shuffled tests from the box they were packaged in.

“Close your eyes and grab one,” one of the women says, and after they’ve all grabbed their test, they open their eyes and read the results, expecting the tests to turn out negative.

Immediately, one of the women says “wait a minute,” and repeats it until all the women who have announced that theirs were negative give her their attention.

Once they’ve all been made aware that there was a positive test in the pile, they jump around and start laughing in shock that one of them is currently with a child.


“Who is it?!” they all start yelling, surely signifying that they would have to investigate further to find out who’s pregnant.

In a follow-up video, LaRevitzear reveals who was pregnant and explains the situation.

Shot from another angle, LaRevitzear uploads a follow-up video that continues where the last one left off after they’ve all seen the positive test.

One of the women, named Micaela Retana, grabs her positive pregnancy test and reveals, “It’s me b--ch.”

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In shock, LaRevitzear covers her mouth and takes some time to process what’s going on, asking Retana if she’s seriously pregnant.


When she confirms, LaRevitzear rushes over to hug her friend, congratulating her with nothing but joy on her expression.

LaRevitzear looks at her other friends, wondering why they appear to be less shocked than she is, asking “Did you know? You all knew?!”

Retana was waiting to tell LaRevitzear, and now that she was eight weeks along, she decided now would be the time.

“I’m so happy for you,” LaRevitzear says, and goes into an explanation to clear up any confusion that the viewers on TikTok might have.


“We always take pregnancy tests together, we just do it for fun,” LaRevitzear says. “None of us are ever pregnant, but she knew she was pregnant, obviously, and that’s how she wanted to tell me.”

This would be Retana’s first baby with her husband, and LaRevitzear says it’s “really exciting.”

If you’re looking for a way to tell someone you love that you’re pregnant, maybe try a fun round of “pregnancy roulette.”

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