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Woman Is Accidentally Included In A Group Text That Says She'll Be Fired In 3 Weeks

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Getting fired from your job is no fun at all, but more often than not, you can see it coming. You might have been doing multiple jobs at once, knowing your employer might find out, or not doing your job at all and waiting to be exposed.

But one woman got a big surprise when she was ‘accidentally’ sent a text saying she would lose her job in three weeks.

In a post to the r/antiwork subreddit, the woman started by telling readers that she was just getting over a difficult time in her life when she had started a business with a friend. For two years, the pair tried to keep their company afloat, working long days, but eventually, it failed, and they walked away with nothing. The situation was also shared on a TikTok account called “luckjammb”.



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To recover from the loss, she took a job as a driver, assuming it would be a welcome reprieve from the stress of her business collapsing.

According to her, the pay “isn’t great” at $40,000 per year but she only works an average of about 40 hours per week. Four months in, the woman thought she had been doing “pretty good” on the job and planned to ask for a raise in the upcoming months.

That all changed when another driver accused her of breaking something. But according to the former entrepreneur, “[It] has been slowly breaking since I started.” That incident led to a text circulating around that referenced terminating her employment in the next three weeks.

The other text participants had apparently neglected to see who was included in the conversation and discussed firing the woman openly, suggesting they wait three weeks because they needed her. “They are behind and overworked,” she said.

She was at a loss as to what her next move in the situation should be, so reached out to Redditors to ask if quitting now or staying with the company for the next few weeks was her best recourse. The worried worker added that she is in the process of looking for another job.

We have seen many seemingly unfair situations where employees were terminated for the actions of others, refusing to clean at work on their day off, posting about the job, and keeping tips that they rightfully earned. In this case, it’s hard to imagine that one mistake could lead to termination.

Commenters had a lot to add to the conversation on both Reddit and TikTok. They suggested that she quit, use any paid time off accumulated, or do the bare minimum for the next three weeks at work. Some even thought that the employee might have reason to contact an employment lawyer. But in such an uncomfortable situation, what exactly is the right course of action?

Should you find out that your job is about to be terminated, don’t panic. Initiate a conversation with your boss, letting them know you are aware of their intentions. Ask for honest feedback about your performance but know that your boss may not be fully transparent with you. That conversation can either open the door to a chance to stay or confirm that you are on the way out.

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