A Gucci Sales Associate Got Fired After Posting About Her First Day On The Job

People criticized her for not reading her employment contract or the company code of ethics after being hired.

Gucci Sales associate on TikTok TikTok

A woman was excited to land a new job at the popular high-end store, Gucci, and broadcasted the perks of the job on social media. Unfortunately, it was a poor decision that ultimately cost her her brand-new position. 

The woman failed to realize that she had violated the company’s social media policy. 

The woman teased that she would be keeping the accessories she was given when she started working at Gucci and ditch the job. 

Melanie, a retail worker living in Los Angeles was recently offered a new job at Gucci, a high-end store that sells handbags, shoes, and other accessory collections. Excited about her new title as a sales associate for the company, Melanie took to her TikTok account to show off the items she was given as part of her first day in a video that has since been viewed over 9 million times. 


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“Everything Gucci gave me for free on my first day,” she wrote in the text overlay of her video. Her haul consisted of three blouses, two pairs of trousers, two blazers, a bag, a belt, four pairs of socks, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of loafers. Melanie proudly displayed all of the new items, adoring some of them and rating others as just mediocre. She even took the opportunity to try on a few things and pose in front of the mirror. 


After securing her new accessories, Melanie implied that she should just leave her job with the free stuff in tow. “Should I keep the bag and ghost?” she captioned her video. While the new employee was clearly coming off as sarcastic in her video and caption, her employers did not think so. 

Shortly after posting the video, Melanie was fired. 

Many companies have strict social media policies in place to protect their brand, employees and reputation. Violating these policies could result in the loss of your job. Melanie had gone against Gucci’s code of ethics by posting her newly received items, depicting the brand’s name, and then joking about how she would quit, taking them all with her. 

She broke the bad news in a follow-up video. She also added that she, unfortunately, didn’t get to keep the new accessories and that she was forced to return them upon her termination. 

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TikTok users called her out for not reading her employment contract or the company code of ethics after she was hired. “This is why we don’t put our job on TikTok,” one user commented. “It’s almost like they’ll hold you to the terms of employment you sign,” another user wrote.  

However, don’t feel too bad for her just yet! Melanie posted another follow-up video providing more in-depth details about the job, and why she “hated it from day one.” 



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“I got offered this job at Gucci. I didn’t seek it out,” she reveals. “I just thought, you know, this job kind of fell in my lap, and I had been asking the universe for, you know, financial abundance, and so I felt like, I had, like, a spiritual duty to not reject an opportunity for financial stability. So I took it, even though I was very apprehensive about going back to retail and working an in-person job.”

Melanie, who has worked tirelessly in retail for 16 years, says that she is now building her empire by working from home. “Whenever they took that comment on that TikTok so seriously, I’m like, ‘It’s best we separate’,” she commented of Gucci. “I agree, like, we should separate, you and I.” 

Thankfully, she even had a friend pick her up as soon as she was fired and the two celebrated with ice cream, which hopefully heals the heart more than any Gucci accessories can. 



She does however have one important message for those seeking employment at high-end companies. "Read the social media guidelines when you get hired."


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