Woman Throws Tantrum After Her Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her Mid-Flight

He planned it perfectly.

woman having a meltdown on airplane TikTok

Breaking up is hard to do. Everyone hopes that leaving a relationship that has run its course goes smoothly, but oftentimes, that is not the case.

A TikToker called ‘2 Seconds’ recently shared a video of a woman who had apparently been dumped by the boyfriend she was traveling with mid-flight.

The video has been posted across multiple accounts so it's unclear who the original owner is but viewers seem to think the video captures a breakup gone wrong.


The plane passenger screams and shouts after allegedly being dumped by her boyfriend.

The video, captioned, “He broke up with her mid-flight Part 1” begins with the TikToker asking, “How was your breakup? I’m pretty sure it was not as bad as this.”

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Next, we see a flight attendant trying to restrain a woman as she shrieks loudly and struggles before collapsing to the ground and continuing to wail at the top of her lungs.


The flight attendant seems to be at a loss as she turns away from the inconsolable woman. She turns back and says something inaudible to the damsel in distress.

The woman screams, “I don’t care,” as she rocks back and forth on her knees in the aisle of the airplane.

As the flight attendant discusses the situation with a male attendant standing behind the distraught young woman, her high-pitched screaming continues while other passengers watch in dismay.

The disruptive passenger finally gathers herself and stands up off the floor. She is not seen momentarily, but it sounds like she is yelling at her now ex-boyfriend.

When she next appears on the video, she is seen swinging wildly as she attacks the man who just broke her fragile heart.


On his part, he remains calm throughout the incident and seemingly asks the flight attendants to help.

They pull her away from him as the video ends. A TikTok user who posted the clip opines that she “is throwing a tantrum like a little kid” and promises to share a part two that so far has not materialized.

He does, however, give viewers some context in the comments, claiming, “She was freaking out because they were engaged, and they were going to get married and she was planning to leave him after they got [there].”

It looks like the boyfriend beat her to the punch and irreparably bruised her ego.

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Viewers think the boyfriend picked the perfect place to dump her.

Commenters were pretty unmoved by her antics with one person saying, “And the Academy award for Best Performance at 30000 feet goes to...”

The video was also shared on multiple subreddits, including r/facepalm, where one person posted, “If I break up with her during the flight, then she can't make a scene," believing that breakup was strategic.

Someone else added, “I choose to believe that he broke up with her on the plane KNOWING this is exactly what would happen. It's the sort of place where people will remove you immediately for making a scene.”

“Imagine the nightmare it would be if you wanted to get her out of your home while she's in this sort of state.”


People in the r/publicfreakout subreddit also had some ideas about the man’s mindset with one person guessing, “He must have been in a rough shape to break up with her in a no-escape situation.”

One person noticed that the plane may have still be on the ground. “I don't think this is mid-air. That dude is wearing a safety vest - that's ground crew attire,” they said.

Agreeing and believing that was a great plan, a Redditor posted, “Yeah on the ground is the place. Then you get to fly away after the delay for the cops to drag her off the plane.”

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