Woman Exposes Mother-In-Law For Sneaking Into Her Home After Tricking Her With Fake Key

Her mother-in-law was invading her privacy.

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Navigating your relationship with your in-laws is never easy. Boundaries need to be laid out, rules need to be set and honesty is (almost) always the best policy.

One woman found this out the hard way when she tried to catch her mother-in-law invading her privacy by tricking her.

After publicly exposing her mother-in-law, her husband was furious so the woman went to Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A--hole?) thread to see what other people had to say.


She begins her post by explaining that her mother-in-law had a habit of going into her home whenever she pleased.

The woman wrote, “She had an emergency key to our old apartment and walked in on us being intimate twice (but my husband didn't think it was big deal).”

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The couple recently moved to a new house and the woman just couldn’t trust her mother-in-law enough to give her a key.

She decided to give her mother-in-law a fake key to stop her from sneaking in.

However, at Christmas dinner a couple of weeks later, her husband's mom decided to confront her after realizing she didn't have real key.


In the process, she admitted that she tried to get into the home while her son and his wife were away.

“I reminded her ‘didn't you promise you wouldn't use it unless there's an emergency? So you tried to get in when there was no emergency and you broke the promise you made to us!’," the woman explained.

Stunned at the fact that she had been caught out, the mother-in-law didn't say anything else. Instead, she just went to the kitchen and threw a huge tantrum where even the neighbors could’ve heard her.

After the awkward Christmas dinner, the woman got another round of criticism from her husband in the car. 

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“My husband went off on me in the car and said I lied and manipulated and humiliated and exposed his mom and said he wouldn't have let me get away with it had he known,” the woman added.

He further insisted that the woman ruined their Christmas dinner and told her she had to apologize to her mother-in-law. 

Internet users claimed that the woman wasn’t wrong and instead should rethink her marriage.

While people thought that the mother-in-law was invading their privacy, they also felt that the husband shouldn’t have sided with his mother.

One person wrote, " I'd rethink my marriage if my husband put his mother over me."

Another user wrote, “The husband is sacrificing his spouse’s reasonable right to privacy and security in her own home on the altar of his mother’s giant ego.”


Another user commented, “You DID expose his mom, and rightfully so. She needed to be exposed. Your husband is out of his mind for enabling and encouraging his mom's demented behavior.”

Many people also thought that giving her mother-in-law a key to the house would’ve been fine if she respected their privacy.

One user wrote, “My parents have a key for my apartment and they would NEVER use it unannounced. Never. They KNOW I would immediately take the key away and also they respect my privacy.”


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