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Bride Reveals The Comment Her Mom Made That Pushed Her To Uninvite Her From Her Wedding

Photo: TikTok
Felicity Rae

Weddings are supposed to be the happiest moment of our lives, we celebrate with friends and family and marry the one we will cherish forever, but one woman says she feared her mother would turn her special day into a living hell

Taking to TikTok the newly married woman explains why she uninvited her mom from her wedding.

Felicity Ray says she made the difficult decision after feeling unappreciated and unsupported during "months and months of planning."



Posting to her TikTok, Ray explains her story about why she made the choice of uninviting her mother. At the beginning of her video, she explained how she felt. 

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"I just felt this heavy, heavy like anxiety and overwhelm that she was just going to make my life and day a living hell, on the most special day of my life thus far."

She later said in her video that as she has gotten older, she was realizing that a mother shouldn't be treating her children a certain way, "just the things that are said," Ray says. 

Ray explains the last time she and her mother talked was on a two-minute Facetime call which did not end well.

"I had told her I am stressed out, she knew I had been feeling kinda overwhelmed and just under pressure," Ray says. 

She recalled feeling frustrated that, instead of asking how she could help her, her mom told her she should seek help

"Even at one point, she said this isn't normal, go get help instead of being 'how can I help?'"

At one point in the call, Ray's mother said, "You know what you've turned into quite the f–king snob lately."

Ray decided there and then to tell her mom she was no longer invited. She immediately blocked her mom on social media — but kept her number so her mom could text or call her if she needed. The two have not spoken since.

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"She has gone to one of my bridesmaids to try and pit her against me. She's probably said awful things about me to other people because she's embarrassed she was uninvited to her own daughter's wedding," Ray said in her video. 

Ray's says her mom has tried to get information from her sister and her father, even though he and her mother have been divorced for years, but has made no attempt to apologize.

"I don't think she honestly realizes what she does and how she makes people feel," she says.

The comments on Ray's videos have expressed support and empathy for her situation. One reads, "You did the right thing to protect yourself and your energy. Sometimes our own family can be the most hurtful. I'm proud of you for setting boundaries."

"I uninvited my sister 3 days before my wedding. She was also a bridesmaid. I understand what you going through...but it's the right choice," reads another.

However, others are critical of Ray's decision saying there are always two sides to each story, with people suggesting she talk to her mother to try and mend their relationship because some suggest she doesn't want to end on a bad note if she passes away.

"Because I didn't have a relationship with my mother, and she died two years ago, no one told me she died, and I didn't get to say goodbye."

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