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Man Slammed For Posting Video Of Wife’s Dancing & Revealing Why He ‘Doesn’t Want To Dance With Her’

Photo: TikTok
wife dancing at wedding, man drinking champagne

A man on TikTok who poked fun at his wife's dancing skills is facing some serious backlash from viewers coming to her defense.

Everyone jokes around with their spouses, however, this man may have gone a bit too far — and TikTok users are not holding back when it comes to giving him a piece of their minds.

The man mocked his wife in a video of her dancing with guests at a wedding.

The TikToker, who is also a family vlogger and frequently posts videos of his wife and children online, may have meant the post in jest but others did not see it that way.

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“My wife on the dance floor ‘killin it,'" he captions a video of his wife busting a move on the dance floor while he watches from the table.

The video shifts to a shot of him taking a sip from a glass of champagne by himself with an unamused look. 

“She wonders why I don’t want to dance with her,” another caption reads.

Many took issue with this particular aspect, accusing him of insulting his wife and deliberately setting her up to get mocked online.

Many people criticized the man for mocking his wife and not appreciating her enough.

One user wrote, “One man’s annoyance is another man’s dream.”

Another user added, “If you get up and dance with her, it'll be a core memory that she will always flash back [to]. Treat her better.”

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Other even suggested the wife would be better off without him — which we have to admit seems like an extreme reaction to a couple whose relationship and humor we know nothing about!

One user wrote, “Hope she finds someone who will dance [with] her and loves her [as] she deserves.”

Another commented, “Someone who is ashamed of their partner clearly [doesn’t] deserve them .. she deserves someone who [cherishes] her.”

 “When someone who deserves her snatches her up one day, you're gonna be wondering why she left you, and this will be video proof why,” reads another.

In addition to the numerous comments criticizing the man, there were people who shared similar experiences as well.

One user wrote, "My ex-husband refused to dance with me on our wedding day. He crushed my heart and I regretted marrying him the day of our wedding."

“Mine complained our entire first dance [because] he ‘hates dancing’ but then had a blast dancing with other women at his friend’s wedding,” another user wrote.

One person commented, "My ex-husband refused to dance with me, even at my best friend’s wedding; my wife dances with me to no music in the kitchen."

Even if the man thought it was just a joke between him and his wife, the internet has not taken this lightly and has wholeheartedly supported his wife.

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