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Divorce Lawyer Explains Top 5 Professions That Women Should Avoid In A Spouse If They Want A Lasting Marriage

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A divorce attorney with 35 thousand followers on TikTok posted a video talking about a time when she was still in law school and a colleague of hers shared a curious perspective about marriages with men in a certain profession.

Apparently, there are professions that women should try to avoid in a spouse to prevent a future divorce.

All marriages are different and no two marriages are the exact same but, according to this lawyer, certain professions create marital troubles more commonly than others.

Here are the 5 Professions that women should avoid marrying.

They are, in no particular order: firemen, police officers, military men, surgeons, and pilots.

“When I first started practicing family law 13 years ago, a woman attorney gave me a statistic about the top five professions of men that women should avoid marrying,” she starts the TikTok.

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Originally, she explained, she thought that it was an odd statistic that someone would bring up, but over the course of her career, she was reminded of it again.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve watched my most difficult cases and, shockingly, many of them involved men in these five professions,” she continued.

Statistics can tell you the percentage of marriages that fail, but it will not ensure that yours is destined to.

It doesn’t know anything about your spouse or potential spouse, nor does it know anything about you or your marriage, but it’s something to keep in mind as it is simply something that is common.

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With that disclaimer out of the way, we can get back into the tea.

What she gets into next is generalizations that the men in these careers are more “narcissistic” and “controlling,” and then talks about the professions.

“If you look at these professions, what do they all have in common?” she asks.

Aside from being the professions from the board game LIFE, she expresses that these professions make those men “gods in their profession.”

An air of importance and power makes these men typically more problematic, according to her, and according to the comments on her video, a lot of people have experienced similar situations, even cracking jokes about their current husbands.

“My husband is a pilot in the military. Double homicide,” read one of the top comments, joking that her man hit two of the professions at the same time.

“I worked at a domestic abuse hotline and yup those were the common professions, oh and they CHEATTT a lot,” said another woman who backed up this information with her own experience as someone who worked at a domestic abuse hotline.

Many people thought that other professions should be added as well, like lawyers (how ironic) and teachers.

One woman commented “Maybe it’s just MEN that are the red flag,” which might not be too far off the mark.

Again, it should be kept in mind that these are just statistics, and not every man you meet in one of these five professions will be a narcissistic and controlling partner, but it’s worth noting in case you find any patterns emerging in your life.

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