Woman Makes Husband Apologize To A Group Of Black Men After Hearing Him Call Them A Slur

She was quick to call him out.

woman confronting racist husband TikTok

A white woman is being dubbed a "Kimberly" instead of a "Karen" after confronting her racist husband.

In a slew of TikTok videos, a married couple in New York City was filmed arguing loudly while on the street after the woman overheard her husband use a derogatory term against a group of Black men standing a few feet away from them.

The woman loudly outed her husband for using a racial slur against a group of Black men.

In the first part of the video, which was posted on January 3, one of the men in the group starts filming the married couple as they're shouting at each other. 


It's clear none of the men realized right away that the woman's husband, who is also white, had used a slur against them.

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In the footage, the woman stops in the middle of the sidewalk as she and her husband are walking, and refuses to continue following him. That's when her husband quickly turns around and walks back toward the group of men.


"I'm so sorry, man," the husband says to the group as he walks toward them.

His wife quickly follows him, approaching the Black men and telling them, "He called you out of your names so bad."

When the man recording questions if she's referring to them, she confirms it before forcing her husband to repeat the slur he'd said to her about them.

"Tell them what you called them."

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The group of men immediately turn to the woman's husband and begin asking him what he'd said.

When he refuses to tell them, his wife becomes agitated, angrily telling him, "Give me my f-king purse, you f-king piece of sh-t."


Her husband attempts to calm her down, holding her purse for her as tells her, "But you need to be safe. You're not doing this."

"I will be safe," she quickly retorted.

The woman tells the group of Black men that her husband called them the N-word.

In the second part, the man recording asks the woman what her husband called them, which is when she tells them he'd used the N-word to describe them.



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"You said what?" the man recording asks her husband, who then leans in and says, "I'm sorry I said the N-word."

However, the man recording immediately calls him out after he starts laughing while apologizing.

"Why [are] you laughing?" he questioned. The woman's husband immediately stopped smiling, shaking his head and promising that he wasn't laughing.

"Did he laugh? Did he laugh?” the woman asked, seemingly on the verge of tears. “I will never protect him. He’s a piece of sh-t. He thinks he is entitled.”


Viewers defended the woman in the comments and praised her for calling out her racist husband.

"Love her for this, I'm so glad she felt disgusted about what he said," one user pointed out.

Another user added, "She is so upset too [because] that isn't the man she married, that is a stranger right now."

However, other users took to calling the woman "Kimberly" instead of "Karen," which had been written in overlay text in the TikTok videos.

"She's definitely NOT A KAREN," a third user chimed in, while another wrote, "She's not a Karen, she's a real one for the people."

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