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Black Mom Answers 'Stupid' Questions She Gets About Her 'White' Biological Daughter

Photo: @4thfreshestmccurry / TikTok
Black mom, her interracial child, and white husband

By now we know that babies, regardless of race or ethnicity, come in all colors and shades.

This is especially true in interracial relationships where children can take on the physical attributes of either parent.

One woman, Alex McCurry, fed up with strangers asking her if her aesthetically white daughter actually belongs to her, took to TikTok to answer some of the ignorant questions she gets.

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The Black mother answered some of the questions people asked about her white daughter.

The video begins with McCurry nodding her head up and down as her daughter sits on her lap.

She emphatically states, “Yes, she is my baby. Yes, I carried her for 38 weeks. Yes, she is a real baby.”

As hard as it is to believe that people actually have the gall to ask a mother if her baby is real, McCurry emphasized her answer by saying, “She is not a fake baby,” explaining that her child is only six months old.

McCurry also references a Katt Williams joke from a movie he played in with Tiffany Haddish, who co-starred his wife.

In the scene, he tells Haddish that the white child she was holding was not his.

McCurry makes it clear that she does not find the comedian’s words a laughing matter.

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She doesn't find it funny when people make jokes about her daughter's skin tone.

She advises people that might feel the need to continue to question the biology of her daughter that their inquiries can be answered by “genetics or crazy.”

She does clarify that her husband is white, providing a reason for the baby’s fair complexion to people still struggling to wrap their minds around it.

The video ends with McCurry saying, “I think that covers the majority of the questions that I get in real life and on my lives.”

Viewers empathized with McCurry and were mesmerized by her daughter seemingly understanding what was being discussed.

One person posted, “I love how when u said no, she’s not a fake baby she shook her head confirming. She’s so cute!”

"It's really not important if she is white or black," another user wrote. "She is so adorable and beautiful"

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Another TikToker posted a comment about their own physical features as the product of an interracial relationship.

They said, “My father was black and my mother white. I am blond and blue-eyed. I grew up hearing I looked like my mom, but I am actually a white version of my black grandmother. You have a beautiful family.”

You would think that by now, people would understand that skin color and features can land anywhere on the spectrum due to DNA and the world becoming more of a melting pot.

A 2017 Pew research study found that one in seven, or 14%, of infants in the United States are multiracial or multiethnic.

But more important than the data is basic human respect and civility.

These days, parent-child relationships come in many different forms.

Children are adopted, part of blended families and have stepparents, and descendants of mothers and fathers from diverse backgrounds.

If you are genuinely curious about how a Black mother ends up with a white-appearing baby, Google is right at your fingertips.

Do your research before asking offensive questions that you could have kept to yourself.

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