Woman Claims That The Reason Men Cheat Is Because Women Are Bad Wives — 'You Don't Treat Him Like A Man'

"Yeah he cheated, but why did he cheat?"

Pearl talking about why men cheat TikTok TikTok; Andrey Danilov / Shutterstock

In a small corner of TikTok, a woman named Pearl (@justpearlythings.5) shares her views and opinions whenever she isn’t on YouTube doing her podcast.

Back in November 2022, decided to go on a rant about how and why some men might cheat — reasoning that maybe it was because of the “disrespectful” photos women post on Instagram or other forms of social media.

More recently, however, Pearl decided to talk about her controversial opinion one more time, expanding on why she believes women bear more responsibility when it comes to men cheating.


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Pearl believes that men cheat because women are bad wives who don’t treat their husbands ‘like a man.’

On January 29, 2023, Pearl posted a simple video of her talking to the camera without a caption or anything in order to go on her rant about why she believes men cheat.

“So, I posted a video about a month ago talking about men cheating, and in the video, I said something to the effect of ‘yeah, he cheated, but why did he cheat?’” she starts the video off.



“My point is, a lot of you guys are sh--ty wives. I’m sorry, you are,” she continues, explaining why she believes some women aren’t treating their men right. “You don’t cook for your man, you belittle him, you nag on him all the time, you don’t treat him like a man.”


Victorian-era traditions and “nagging wife” stereotypes aside, Pearl truly believes that women should be less surprised when their husbands cheat on them.

She goes on to complain about women who will also complain about their husbands cheating when they aren’t sleeping with them, to begin with.

“You don’t have sex with him, and when he goes looking outside of the relationship because, at the end of the day, he doesn’t want to get divorced,” she claims, “you put all the blame on him and don’t take any accountability for your part to play in it.”

Pearl doesn’t believe that it’s okay for men to cheat, but she thinks that women should have “a little understanding” of where the men who cheat are coming from.


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Her controversial opinion received mixed reactions from the people who watched her video.

There were many people that took her side — agreeing that women do lay some blame when a man seeks someone outside of their relationship.

“I firmly believe and agree with everything you said,” said one woman in the comments, as another said, “this explanation is acceptable.”

Some men chimed in as well, agreeing with her “100%” and claiming that she’s a “wise woman.”

One man, however, seemed unable to directly choose a side.


He wrote, “I agree with her to a point. I get why men cheat trust me I get it. But if you’re that unhappy just leave before you decide to cheat.”

He further explains that “People cheat when there are issues,” and if a man were truly happy in a relationship with no problems, “he won’t even consider cheating.”

This man’s opinion, however, leaves room open for the man to be the one who isn’t doing enough to keep his partner happy, whereas Pearl believes that all the blame falls on the woman.


Women are not obligated to do any of the things pearl mentions — cooking or having sex — nor are they entirely to blame when things go wrong.

A partnership involves two people, and it takes effort from both of them in order for everything to stay afloat — and cheating is always wrong.

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