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Couples Explain Why They Use Collars That Need To Be Removed With Tools To Symbolize Their Relationships

Photo: TikTok
Collaring on TikTok

There are many ways that people symbolize their relationships and some of those ways can be through physical accessories — things like rings (promise, engagement, or wedding) or necklaces and bracelets.

However, some TikTok users have been sharing their particularly unique way of symbolizing their relationships.

People in sub/dom relationships use collars to symbolize devotion in their relationships.

A scroll into a less-talked-about side of TikTok will take you down a rabbit hole of videos from creators showing off the collars their partners have given them — or vice versa.

Videos on the app show people's emotional reactions to getting a collar from their partners. Users refer to it as a symbol of love, an honor of sorts.

But commenters prove that knowledge of the practice is slim.

"Hi, what does it mean to get a collar? Is it something like [an] engagement ring? I don't wanna sound disrespectful, I just don't know and would like to," asks one inquisitive viewer under the following video.

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"I guess someone gonna have to tell me what this is about," quizzes another.

Other commenters, however, seem to be familiar with the practice and are maybe even involved themselves.

"Congratulations both of you this is such an important sacred moment thank you for sharing it with us," writes another supportive TikTok user.

“Collaring” is typically found in dom/sub (dominant and submissive) relationships.

It can sometimes be a way for the Dominant to show "ownership" over their submissive partner, but that doesn't have to be the precise definition.

The D/s relationship is one of the areas included in the BDSM kink, and although it is commonly misconstrued, does not need to include the BD (bondage and discipline) or SM (sadomasochism) portions in it for it to be considered such.

As with any relationship in BDSM, a D/s relationship can be a perfectly healthy way to be with someone.

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Informative TikToks explain the practice in depth.

Collaring is not a necessary or automatic part of a D/s relationship. In fact, it can take years to reach this point. And there are levels.

As this TikToker explains, training collars are an early entry point for people who are training as a submissive.



These kinds of relationships are often considered controversial due to the inherent power imbalances and misconceptions that they veer outside the boundaries of consent.

However, this is not the case if things are done properly. People are allowed to express their love for their partner however they wants, and any healthy BDSM relationship should be treated as any other healthy relationship so long as everyone is consenting and boundaries and safe words are in place, we don’t kink shame.

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