Woman Warns Other Women That 'You Do' Need A Man—'Men And Women Were Created To Need Each Other'

She says that women have emasculated men.

Woman claims men and women were created to need each other TikTok

We as women don’t need men, the same way we don’t need to eat that brownie or drink that glass of red wine, but we like it, and it makes our lives better. There's a difference between needing someone and wanting someone.

As Cher once said, “Men are not a necessity, they are luxury, just like dessert. I think men are the coolest. But you don’t need them to live.” Historically, women needed men a lot more — to hunt their food and protect them from predators. But times have changed and now we can buy our own food and pay our own rent.


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One woman claims 'Men and women were created to need each other.'

Briana’s video caused a lot of controversy, with some agreeing that God created men and women for one another and others arguing that we as a society need to break these gender roles.

“This is about to piss off a lot of women but quit saying you don’t need a man, because you do,”  Brianna starts her video. “Men and women were created to need each other.”



She claims a guy friend of hers revealed that the reason why a lot of men don’t try anymore is that they have been made to feel irrelevant in women’s lives.


“Men were created to take care of women,” she goes on. “They were created to be providers. They were created to want to protect. And we as women have slowly taken that away from them. We have emasculated them.”

Brianna mentions it’s not an excuse for how some men act these days, “But y’all let a man be a man. We know that you can do it all. Doesn’t mean that you should have to.”

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People who saw Brianna’s TikTok seemed to have conflicting viewpoints.

Some users applauded her for speaking out, writing “FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT,” and “Say it louder.” Others emphasized that they don’t know how they would survive without their man.


One user wrote, “I need my man and I’m not too proud to say it! He literally thinks of everything that I forget and vice versa. We are a team and I NEED my teammate.” Another claimed, “I NEED my husband. Don’t get me wrong, if anything happened to us, I’d manage on my own, but my husband is my rock. I need him & he needs me.”

Others disagreed with the notion of "need" in Brianna’s video.

“Need or want? You should never NEED someone rather than WANT someone,” wrote one user. Another said, “I want a man around. I don't need one.”

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The idea that men and women need each other is not necessarily inaccurate.

We as humans are social creatures at our core, and relationships can provide support, love, and a sense of belongingness to enhance our lives. However, that love doesn’t always have to be romantic love. As Drew Barrymore describes, fulfillment can be found in other areas of our lives.

The idea that men were created to be providers and take care of women is problematic. These traditional gender roles can limit the role of both men and women by suggesting that a man’s worth is tied to his ability to provide for a woman and that a woman’s value lies in her ability to be taken care of.

This outdated belief system can lead to unhealthy power dynamics in relationships and perpetuate gender inequality. Some people prefer to contribute equally in relationships, some feel fulfilled in traditional partnerships, and some may not want to be in a romantic relationship at all.


We were not created to need men, we were created to want companionship with others. You already are whole — and you don’t need anybody to complete you.

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