Bridesmaid-For-Hire Reveals The Amount Of Times She's Caught A Groom Cheating On His Wife On Their Wedding Day

It happens more times than people think...

Jen Glantz, bride and groom standing under lights TikTok / Jonathan Borba / Pexels

Even on a wedding day, infidelity is still something to look out for.

Jen Glantz, who works as a bridesmaid-for-hire revealed to her followers on TikTok that there have been several times when she's noticed that the couple about to walk down the aisle aren't as secure in their relationship as one would hope.

Glantz revealed she's caught numerous grooms cheating on their wives on the day of their weddings.

While lip-synching to Doja Cat's song 'Ain't Sh-t,' Glantz, who works as a professional bridesmaid for various brides on the day of their wedding, revealed that nuptial cheating, especially on the day of the wedding, is fairly common.


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"This happened one, two, three times too much," were the lyrics of the song which Glantz sang along to in her video while holding up three of her fingers. In overlay text, she wrote, "The amount of times I caught a groom cheating on the day of the wedding.” 


In a follow-up video, after receiving a comment on whether or not she feels inclined to tell the bride what she's seen, Glantz confirmed that she has. "So, I'm a hired bridesmaid for complete strangers, and sometimes I see things that I shouldn't see."

Glantz continued, saying that she has seen many people cheat on their significant others before, during, and after weddings, especially grooms, who she said will often do it right before the ceremony is set to start.

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"In those situations, you might think, 'Jen, did you stop the wedding? Did you tell the person getting married?' The truth is, it depends on the situation," she said, adding that she has tried to warn the bride on two separate occasions.


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Glantz says most of the time when she tells the brides, they still get married.

The first time she noticed it, Glantz immediately went up to the bride and told her she saw the groom with someone else. However, instead of being surprised, the bride told Glantz that she already knew and didn't want to make it a big deal. She still wanted to marry him, and that's what happened.

At another wedding, Glantz noticed the same thing happening, and went up to the groom, telling him that he needed to tell the bride he had cheated or she would. "He did. They also still got married," Glantz shared.

"The third time, I didn't really say anything because I didn't know what was going on," she continued, adding that she was also exhausted with trying to intervene when in reality, most of the time the brides didn't care that much. 


A 2019 survey conducted by the extra-marital dating site, revealed that men are the most likely to cheat at weddings, with a drunken fling with a bridesmaid being the most common scenario.

"Some couples couldn't be more excited about taking their relationship to the next level and planning a wedding, but I've seen numerous cases where a month or two before the wedding, people cheat," explained Dr. Holly Richmond to POPSUGAR.

"Call it 'cold feet' or just a realization that this is it as far as other sexual partners are concerned (if they have agreed on a baseline of monogamy). People get scared and feel like they need to express that free and autonomous sexual side of themselves one last time."


While Glantz has experienced witnessing grooms cheating on their wives at most weddings she's been to, it's important to note that these instances are not representative of all grooms or marriages, and many couples have successful and faithful relationships!

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