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Woman Claims Her Cousin Tried To 'Hit On' Her Through 23andMe

Photo: TikTok
Katie, messages on 23andme from her cousin

A woman was left shocked after she received a flirtatious message from a family member through an ancestry website.

In a TikTok video, Katie was left flabbergasted and slightly creeped out after she showed viewers that one of her distant relatives attempted to make a pass at her.

She claimed that her cousin tried to 'hit on' her through 23andMe.

In the five-second clip, Katie showed the message she'd received from her cousin, Brad, after noticing a notification in her email that she had a new message on the DNA testing site, 23andMe.

However, upon opening the message, she was left stunned at who had messaged her, and what they had said.

In text overlay on top of the 23andMe screenshot, she wrote, “Wow, I love catching up with distant relatives.”

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The message itself read, "You're so sexy. I'm Brad."

In the caption of the video, Katie jokingly added, "What in the Mississippi is this?"

According to their website, 23andMe is known as a genetic testing company that provides its consumers with information about finding their relatives, learning whether they might have genetic conditions that could be passed onto their children, and receiving personalized insights into their health and ancestry.

While Katie was most likely expecting a positive message from a relative, she, unfortunately, received quite the opposite.

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Other users shared their own experiences of relatives trying to hit on them through ancestry sites.

Katie's experience with her cousin trying to hit on her through 23andMe doesn't seem to be a unique situation, with viewers taking to her comment section to relay their own stories.

"Something similar happened to me, but it was a mom trying to set me up with her son,” one user shared. “We’re 3rd cousins.”

Another user added, "The same thing happened to me!!! Except he added ‘Sup Cousin;’ in there."

In a follow-up video, Katie revealed more information about her cousin Brad, sharing the information provided by 23andMe, which included a photo.

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The information read that Robert, his first name, is a 50-year-old man from Tennessee, and is her fourth cousin. The site claimed that he and Katie may share a set of third-great grandparents.

Katie also shared that she and Brad could possibly be removed or half-cousins.

Some users poked fun at the fact that Katie's cousin was using 23andMe as his personal dating app.

"Dude is using 23 & Me as his Tinder replacement since he got banned from all dating apps, including Farmers Only,” one user teased.

Another user chimed in, "Brad's got his apps mixed up! It's a different kind of MATCH Brad!!!!"

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