Woman Gets Put In Place After Cutting In Line Because She's 'Obnoxiously Beautiful' & Has 70,000 Followers

She threatened to beat up anyone who complained, but she cut in front of the wrong woman.

Screenshots of altercation between influencer and the woman she cut in front of @desi.self/TikTok

It wouldn't be a New Year's celebration without some drama, and one TikToker's night out was no exception.

A video captured by TikToker @desi.self has gone viral after capturing an altercation the erupted when a woman cut the bar line at the 14th annual Jack Daniel's New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash celebration.

The woman became combative when bystanders spoke up, yelling that she's an influencer and filming the conflict for her followers.


When a woman behind her protested, she hurled insults and then threatened to beat up the woman—only to be promptly put in place by the woman herself.

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The woman justified cutting the line because she's "obnoxiously beautiful" and has "70,000 followers" on TikTok.

The video posted by @desi.self shows the supposed influencer, who has since identified herself as TikToker @lexiiisofly, cutting the bar line.



In the onscreen text, @desi.self notes that everyone had been waiting for "40+ minutes" for drinks and several people had already made comments to Lexi and her friends about cutting.


When a woman said something about it to Lexi, she began filming her. The woman asked her to stop, and when she wouldn't, she slapped Lexi's phone out of her hands.

When the woman further protested, Lexi touted her TikTok follower count before shouting, "I am obnoxiously beautiful, you ugly old b-tch!" 

She then continued to unleash a torrent of profanity, yelling, "Stank a-s b-tch, I will beat you up!"

That turned out to be the wrong response.

As bystanders mocked her for claiming she has "70,000 followers on TikTok," the woman she cut in front of grabbed her by the hair, yanking her out of the line as onlookers cheered.

Lexi then threw the beer she just cut in line to buy at the woman before stomping off across the venue, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, to find the woman.


She did nothing once she finally caught up to her according to @desi.self.

The woman who put her in place has since identified herself as Shannon Unck, whose TikTok username is @shannonunck.

Showing a sense of humor about the whole thing, Unck commented on the video, "Hi...I'm not that old....gawd."

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Lexi, whose account @lexiiisofly actually only has 17,000 followers, took to TikTok to defend herself.

It's unclear if Lexi claimed she had 70,000 followers or if bystanders simply misheard her, but regardless the altercation has won her few fans—or new followers, for that matter.


In a follow-up video, she claims TikTok has been removing videos in which she shared her "side of the story, but said she doesn't care because "everyone who knows me knows the truth."



She then claimed not to care what "a bunch of 40-year-old internet trolls think of me" before posting another follow-up video addressing said trolls she claims not to care about.



She has also claimed that Unck now has to "go to jail" because of the encounter, though it's unclear on what grounds.


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Most commenters on TikTok were pretty firmly not on Lexi's side and loved that Unck put her in place.

One commenter wrote, "that hair pull was so satisfying," while another noticed the bartender's reaction, writing, "Not the bartender laughing haha."

Another called Lexi out for "thinking she is better than everybody because she has a following."  —

Lexi's own videos drew plenty of criticism too. One man asked her, "what right did you have cutting the line? That’s all I want to know."


Others went downright nuclear, with one telling Lexi, "just stopping in to let you know that I couldn't pick you out from a crowd. you're just like every fake blond, roots showing, uneven fake tan pick me."


But Lexi seems mostly unfazed by the hate. Perhaps she's saving her energy to drag website Yahoo! into court for reporting on the altercation, as she claims to be preparing to do.

When a commenter mocked her for appearing on the site, she replied, "i don’t care bc that’s a whole lawsuit and I’m ab to make $$$$."

We sincerely wish her the best of luck in all her legal endeavors.

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