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Woman On A Cruise Says She Sent Her Boyfriend Overboard After Catching Him Cheating On The Ship's Live Camera Feed

Photo: TikTok
TikToker sharing her cheating story

Many of us have had the experience of suspecting our partner is cheating, but few of us have had the experience of catching them in the act, in real time, on a live camera feed. 

But one woman on TikTok named Kayla has been left reeling after precisely what happened during her recent vacation.

A woman caught her boyfriend cheating on her on a live camera feed from a cruise ship.

The cruise ship they were vacationing on has live camera feeds of each section of the ship, and Kayla and her friends happened to be looking at one of the feeds at exactly the right time. 

The woman caught her boyfriend chatting up another woman on a different part of the ship.

As she revealed in the first of several TikToks about the incident, Kayla's boyfriend had told her he was going to go get something to eat. 

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But that ended up not being where he was going at all. As she and her friends were in one of their staterooms, one of her friends happened to glance up at the camera feed on the TV which shows what's going on at each deck of the ship—and soon all hell broke loose.



Her friend noticed her "man not getting food, but getting another woman's number." The feed showed her boyfriend and another woman touching and talking on another part of the ship.

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The woman immediately ran to the ship's deck to confront her boyfriend.

It's not every day that a woman catches her boyfriend cheating, so obviously she ran out to see what was going on, as her next follow-up video shows. 



"I would have ran down there and surprised them," a commenter wrote. "Oh you think I didn't immediately sprint there and catch them?" Kayla responded in onscreen text. But she took things one step further.

She also summoned her friends to join her for back-up. Using walkie-talkies they'd brought with them on the trip, she called her friends and alerted them, "We have a 911 on Upper Lido Deck" before dashing off to catch her boyfriend in the act.

And it only got more dramatic from there if her next TikTok about the matter is to be believed.

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After catching her boyfriend, an altercation ensued—and her boyfriend ended up overboard, allegedly.

"What happened with the cheater," a commenter asked on one of Kayla's videos. "Hope you threw him off board."

The commenter was likely kidding—but it turns out she might have been a bit clairvoyant. In response, Kayla wrote in onscreen text, "You saying that like it's a joke? This is all imma say on it..." The video clip below implied that things got really dramatic, really fast once she and her friends confronted her cheating boyfriend.



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The clip, filmed over the railing of the cruise ship's deck, showed an emergency boat approaching the side of the ship in the ocean below. "Use your powers of deductive reasoning to piece together what happened," Kayla wrote in onscreen text. 

Many a woman has probably dreamed of doing something like throwing her no-good dude overboard on a cruise ship after she catches her boyfriend cheating, but it seems like Kayla may have actually done it. Or, at least, that's what she wants us to think.

And TikTok commenters were absolutely here for the drama. "Don't tease us," one wrote. "When's your episode of 'Snapped' coming out? Wait are you going to be on 'Snapped,' 'Dateline,' or '20/20'," the commenter went on to ask, followed by the all-important question, 'Do you have a lawyer?'

This really does have all the makings of a new true-crime sensation, doesn't it?

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Some commenters accused Kayla of overreacting and said what she caught her boyfriend doing does not constitute cheating.

It's the age-old debate, of course—what is and isn't considered cheating? For some, simply watching porn is cheating. For others, there has to be sex involved. And for still others, the line lies somewhere in the middle—like getting another woman's number on a cruise ship.

For her part, Kayla feels there's no grey area in what she caught her man doing on the cruise ship, as she told her fellow TikTokers in no uncertain terms in another follow-up video.



And while some may a situation in which a woman catches her boyfriend simply talking to another woman might not rise to the standards of cheating, the experts are more on Kayla's side.

When we asked, everyone from therapists to advocates for "ethical non-monogamy"—that is, those who practice open relationships with respectful boundaries—said the definition of cheating is very simply "the violation of trust within a relationship."

As psychologist Mary C Lamia specified for us, "infidelity is...an act involving a third party that violates the standards or boundaries of a relationship between romantic partners."

If asking another woman for her number is over Kayla's boundaries, then she's justified in feeling cheated on. Justified in throwing him overboard a cruise ship, however? Well, that's a whole other story. We'll let her and her boyfriend's lawyer's sort that one out.

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