Woman Posts Video Claiming She Got Promoted After Dating Her Manager, Sparking Debate

This is not a good idea

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A woman has started a debate online after posting a video about how she might have gotten her promotion at work.

Everyone works hard to get a promotion at their workplace, but this woman’s way might not be the best.

In a viral TikTok, the woman says she dated her manager to get promoted.

TikToker, Kendall Serene, revealed an interesting detail about her work life in the video she posted.



In the video, she is seen sipping from her drink while in her work uniform while certain captions appear on the screen. The first caption of the video states, “Dating your manager is never a good idea.”


The caption makes it seem that the woman is against the idea of dating her manager, but the following caption might refute her initial thoughts.

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The next caption then appears, “*gets promoted to manager*”.

While she didn’t directly indicate that she had been dating her manager or that she got her promotion because of that, TikTok users have been making their assumptions.

TikTok users mentioned that she could create an HR issue by posting such a video.

People assumed that she got her promotion because of dating her manager and were quick to point out that she could create a problem for herself at work by telling everyone on the internet about it.


One user wrote, “That's a whole HR case waiting to happen, my dude.”

Another user wrote, "You know even if [it's] not true, you just created an issue for yourself, these are forever, and a lot of jobs look into your social media."

Another person wrote, “Better delete this before HR sees.”

Some people even questioned whether dating your manager at your workplace was legal.

Dating at the workplace is often frowned upon and many workplaces have certain dating policies for their employees.

While some workplaces might have bans or restrictions on dating, getting involved with a co-worker isn't illegal.

Some people took this situation more seriously and criticized the woman.

Everyone knows how hard people have to work to get some kind of recognition for the job they do.


TikTok users thought it was wrong of the woman to easily get promoted by just getting involved with her manager.

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One person commented, “So you think it's cute that you literally were given a promotion cause you started dating your boss? what about the people who deserve that promotion.” 

Another person commented, “[Your] entire crew hates the both of [you] so much.”

Many people also shared their thoughts that the woman and her manager should get fired as what they did was wrong and are just snatching genuine opportunities for other workers.


Some people thought that the woman wasn’t talking about herself.

As the woman only implied in her video that she dated her manager to get promoted, some people thought she wasn’t the one to date her manager.

People mentioned that the woman was talking about another employee before her — they probably got fired and she got promoted to the manager position.

One person wrote, “It seems to me that she is now manager because [the] previous manager was fired for dating employee(s). This doesn't imply that she was 'the employee'.”

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