Dad Gets Called A 'Garbage Parent' For Making His 2-Year-Old Daughter Wear A Hat With A Rude Word On It

What would possess a parent to think it was ok to refer to his daughter using a highly inappropriate word?

Sarah, hat with crude word on it given to toddler TikTok

A father has come under fire after sharing a hat that he gifted his young daughter, which featured a highly offensive word that has left many people upset.

In a TikTok video, a mom, Sarah, whose content focuses on motherhood and parenting, called out another parent for using his daughter as a "prop" for a video to "entertain strangers online" without considering how doing such a thing would impact his daughter when she grows up.


A dad made and gifted his daughter a hat with an obscene word on it.

In the original video that Sarah responded to, an Australian father shared that his wife had gotten him and his son matching hats for his birthday with his name printed across them.

"Now, my 2-year-old daughter feels a bit left out because she didn't get anything," he continued. As a solution, the dad claimed that he had spent "all afternoon" making his toddler a hat to match them. "Let's go and see if she likes it."

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He walks over to his daughter, turning the camera around so viewers can see the hat she's wearing. When he tells her to bend her head, the dad had written on a paper the word "c--t" on a blank piece of paper and taped it to the front of the hat.

"What do you think? Is it good?" he asked his daughter, who, clearly oblivious to the word, gives two thumbs-ups in agreement.

Sarah accused the dad of being a 'garbage parent.' 

"After seeing this video, I feel that I need to start a series that's titled, 'Garbage Parent of the day,' because I cannot believe a father would [do] this," Sarah said. While she acknowledged that she could say a lot about what that father chose to gift his daughter, she brought up two separate points.


Sarah continued, saying that she was shocked to learn that the father also has a son who he was supposed to be setting an example for the respectful and appropriate way to treat women. However, gifting his daughter a hat with a word that is used as an insult and derogatory term toward women, was not setting a good example at all.

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"This is what he's going to his daughter publicly is awful," she added. "Second, you can't see it because I blurred it out, but her face is so full of pure joy thinking that her father has done something special and wonderful for her, meanwhile, he's nearly turned her into a prop."

Sarah accused the young girl's father of making his child the "butt of an awful joke" just to receive some views and likes to go viral on the app. "It is so disappointing and pathetic. She deserves better."


Some people attempted to defend the dad's use of the word.

After receiving a comment from a TikTok user who tried to argue that the word has a different meaning and content for Australians, Sarah made another video disagreeing and explaining why.

She acknowledged that while that is true, she pointed out that the word is still only used between adults and in "adult settings."



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"I think most Australian parents would agree that they are not using that term in settings where children are present or as a term of endearment for their children," she said.

In response to comments saying that the situation wasn't "that deep," Sarah rebutted that it actually is. "It is that deep when kids are involved. This is part of her digital footprint. Parents need to stop using their children as props and disrespecting them online all in hopes that they have a viral video."

Other TikTok users sided with Sarah and were astonished that a parent would use that word to describe their daughter. "This actually makes me want to cry. I would leave my husband if he did that to our daughter," one user wrote.


Another user added, "I always say this, you're allowed to joke but the intention and impact matter. Here the punchline is how little he values his daughter."

"I cannot for the life of me understand the hatred some adults have for children in general but they hate their own child more," a third user remarked. 

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