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Mom Raising A Son Alone Drags Him To A Girl's House To Apologize After Learning He Called Her 'Fat' & 'Ugly'

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Mom makes son give girl he bullied flowers

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we might realize that bullying starts at home. One cause could be that the offending child was terrorized by an older sibling, which is shown to increase the likelihood of them becoming the bully, but if adults step in and intervene, they can stop kids who are intent on doing harm in their tracks.

One woman named Samm Jane got the message loud and clear that she has the power to make her son turn out to be a decent human being. The single mother of three recently shared a TikTok video explaining what happened when the school said her 11-year-old son was bullying a girl.

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In the video that is titled, “He’s lucky he’s still breathing,” the dutiful mom explained that It all started with a call from the school saying that the boy had sent some inappropriate messages to a girl.

Not one to waste time, as soon as the boy walked into the house after school, Jane demanded his phone to see the messages for herself. She told him, “Give me your phone now and open it.”

She made sure her son would apologize to the girl that he was bullying at school.

After scrolling through, Jane told viewers she had found “the harshest things you can say to any female, and I mean harsh.” According to her, he called her several vulgar and hurtful names and described her as “fat” and “ugly.”

Understandably “livid” after seeing what her son had been up to, Jane asked her son where she lived. He didn’t know, so she got on the phone and located the address quickly.

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She took her son to the store, and they purchased flowers and chocolate before heading over to the young lady’s house to make amends.

When the mother-son duo arrived at his classmate’s home, he was ordered to apologize to the girl and her parents for his actions. Jane made it absolutely clear that he should never be disrespectful to a female again.

She went on to explain the difficulties of teaching a growing boy to be a man since she has no experience on the subject, but she is adamant about teaching all three of her sons to respect women, no matter how old they are. Jane refuses to justify her son’s actions, expressing that there is no excuse for what he did.

The video ended with the attentive mom letting everyone know that the difference between "old-school" parenting and the practices of the new generation is the lack of respect that men have for women and the disinterest today’s parents have in providing tough love.

The video was viewed over 2 million times and Jane uploaded a follow-up thanking everyone for the support. She also took the time to double down on what she did for all of the people who did not agree with how she taught her son his lesson.



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