Little Girl Tells Mom 'Literally All The Girls' In 4th Grade Wear Mascara As She Begs For One In The Store

Moms, do you think she's too young for mascara even if her whole grade are using it?

9-year-old girl with mascara TikTok

A mom took her 9-year-old daughter shopping and was surprised by what her daughter asked her to buy at the store. 

Raising young girls and trying to avoid the pressures placed on them to conform to beauty standards is a maze few parents know how to navigate perfectly. Finding the line between letting your child fit in with their friends and helping them stand up against societal pressures is a constant battle, as discovered by Nisha Noelle, a mom on TikTok.


The mom runs a family TikTok account featuring her three kids, including her 4th-grade daughter, her has very specific interests.

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The 9-year-old girl told her mom that ‘literally all the girls’ in her class wear mascara, and she wanted to wear it, too.

The young girl, named Britain, told her mom, “I want a mascara,” while holding up a package of eye makeup. “Everybody in 4th grade has one,” Britain exclaimed. “Literally, all the girls have one, and I don’t.”




Britain’s mom, Nisha, responded with loving positivity. “You have beautiful natural lashes,” Nisha said. “You don’t need mascara.” “Yes, I do,” Britain replied plaintively. “You’re beautiful,” Britain’s mom reiterated. 

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Britain smiled, yet continued on her campaign to get her mom to buy her make-up.

“I want it,” she said, giggling slightly, as though she knew she was fighting a losing battle. Britain’s mom asks her to clarify her original point. “Everybody in 4th grade wears mascara?” she asks. 


“Yeah,” replies Britain. “A lot of the girls do.” The video cuts away before Nisha answers as to whether or not she bought her daughter mascara.

Britain certainly seems invested in beauty products, which is a normal thing for young girls to be into— who hasn’t played in their mother’s make-up bag, trying on different shades of lipstick for fun? Yet this 4th-grader is raising concerns as viewers worry about her self-image and confidence.

There is no "perfect" age to start wearing makeup but some viewers are concerned that Britain is too young.

“The first rule of thumb is to have an open discussion about makeup as soon as your child expresses interest,” pediatrician Eva Kubiczek-Love, MD told The Cleveland Clinic in 2021. “As with any new activity as your kids grow, parents need to establish expectations, set limits and understand the psychological and health impact of these permissions on them.”


“Also it’s always a good idea to ask your kids why they’re interested in makeup, encourage them to have fun, and expect that you may need to tell them when you think too much is too much.”

“The most important things is to teach kids that makeup is meant to enhance their appearance, not change or overpower it,” Dr. Kubiczek-Love says.

Nisha posted another video of herself shopping with Britain, in which Britain is carrying a small purse, standing in an aisle of TJ Maxx. 

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“Excuse me, mom, I have to go find a new gua-sha, mine broke,” the young girl says, aware that her mom is poking fun at her.


“It did break though, and I’m so sad,” she says as she walks away. 

Across Nisha's comment sections, users warn the mom to hold of on introducing her daughter to beauty routines and makeup while she's so young. "It only made me more insecure," says one user about starting to wear makeup at 9 years old.

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