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A Mom Explains How Her Husband Accidentally Included A 'Certain Rag' With Her Daughter's Blanket For Naptime At School

Photo: TikTok via Canva Pro
Chloe Guzman and Ezequiel Gurule 'certain rag' TikTok

No matter how hard you try, and no matter how many dryer sheets you stick into the drying machine, things are bound to get stuck together as they tumble around inside. 

From socks in comforter covers to underwear in jacket sleeves, we've all found ourselves elbow-deep in some laundry trying to put our clothes back together. But one couple had to experience something a little more embarrassing than a couple of socks — and it wasn’t just their blanket.

A ‘certain rag’ got stuck to her daughter’s sheets that are for naptime at school.

Chloe Guzman, who regularly posts about her adventures as a mother and a runner, recently posted a video alongside her husband, Ezequiel Gurule, about how this ‘certain rag’ got stuck to her daughter’s sheets.

“I have truly never felt this level of embarrassment. I am so sorry to all the teachers at Gwen’s preschool,” Chloe wrote in the caption of the TikTok which has received nearly 800,000 views.

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“Today, the most embarrassing and worst thing that could have ever happened at my daughter’s school, actually happened,” she starts the story, as Ezequiel plays with the “certain rag” in the passenger seat of the car that they’re sitting in.

“Every Monday, we bring Gwen’s sheets so that she could, like, nap at school, and we did laundry over the weekend, and a certain rag static [clung] to her sheet which my husband brought to her school and put in her cubby — show the rag.”

Accompanied by a small bit of laughter, Ezequiel holds up the rag for the camera so that everyone can see why they were so embarrassed.

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The rag reads ‘Official Cum Rag’ with the logo for ‘Brazzers’ underneath.

“This is the rag that got sent to her school,” Chloe says, unable to contain her laughter any longer, “and Gwen told us that there was a rag and we just picked her up and it was in her cubby.”

Before any of the dirty minds were able to get to work about the rag, Chloe explains the story behind the rag and how they don’t actually use it.

“I mean, we don’t even use it for its true purpose, it’s just a rag,” she explains. “An all-around purpose rag,” Ezequiel chimes in. Chloe says that it was simply a gag gift that they received and that this actually isn’t the first time this has ever happened.

“We’ve caught this where it gets stuck,” Ezequiel explains. “Somehow, this rag static clings to her sheet all the time, but he didn’t check. Oh my god,” Chloe adds. Gwen from the back of the car chimes into the hilarity of it all and says “it just appeared!”

“Oh my god this is so bad,” Chloe repeats, but they seem to be taking the situation in good strides, joking about it and laughing about it albeit from the embarrassment. “I’m so sorry to the teachers at her school, this is so embarrassing.

Ezequiel jokes, “It’s the gag gift that keeps on giving.”

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