Woman Baked A 'Hire Me' Cake For Job Interviewer In Hopes It Would Convince The Owner To Give Her A Chance

The results were not what she hoped for but there was a surprise cherry on top in the end.

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Landing a job these days can be difficult, especially with so many candidates fighting for the same position. It is essential that applicants stand out during their interviews to ensure that recruiters remember their names when they are considering their final decision. 

One woman did exactly that by going above and beyond while interviewing for a job by bringing a sweet treat that would for sure have job recruiters buzzing about her post-interview. 


The woman baked a ‘hire me’ cake for the person conducting her interview in hopes of getting the job. 

Danielle, who was a hairstylist for five years before taking a year off is now back on the job hunt. Aware of how grueling the job search and hiring process can be, she made sure she came prepared after a salon owner called her in for an interview. In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 4 million times, Danielle shared her genius idea to convince the owner to give her a chance. 

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“I’m gonna f–king throw up,” she begins her video from her car, clearly nervous about the upcoming interview. “I’m sitting outside of a salon that I have an interview within 10 f–king minutes, and I decided to be the most unhinged interviewee ever and I baked the salon owner a f–king cake.” 


Danielle shows off her hard work, decorated with vibrant colored frosting and edible flowers with the words “hire me lol” written in cursive in the center of the cake. She reveals that she spent an entire day preparing the dessert. 

Other TikTok users loved Danielle’s creative and smart idea. “As a salon owner, that’s an automatic yes,” one user commented. “If you do hair half as good as cake, you’re in sis,” another user wrote. 

Users anxiously awaited an update from Danielle on whether or not she got the job. Shortly after the interview, she posted a follow-up video detailing how the process went, admitting that she did not expect the response she received over a cake. 

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“We went to a coffee shop and talked for like 45 minutes and I’m fairly certain I got a job offer,” she reports. “She is talking to another stylist to see if I would benefit more from working part-time or commission so I think I got it.” She did not reveal what her interviewer thought of her cake. 

Unfortunately in another follow-up video, Danielle shared that she did not get the job. 

The salon owner notified her via email. “At this time, we are going in a different direction,” it reads. “Your work is absolutely stunning and I feel like you would find a salon better fit for your work to stand out and shine. I will keep your resume on file for future reference.” 

While she accepted the no as the answer, Danielle did ask if she could have the plate she delivered the cake on back. 


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Luckily, another salon owner came across Danielle’s video and offered her a position. 

Karissa, a salon owner on TikTok, was impressed by what she saw and reached out to Danielle the day after her original video was posted. Danielle took it upon herself to thank her new boss with, you guessed it, a cake! “We’re not going to talk about the other ungrateful parties that may or may not have received a cake from me,” she says. 



She captured Karissa’s sweet reaction as she gifted her with the strawberry cake with buttercream frosting with the words “wild rose” written in the center. “Stop it! Look how cute it is! I love it!” she gushes. “We love a supportive boss,” Danielle says. 


TikTok users praised Danielle’s efforts and congratulated her on her new job. 

“Their loss! Your new boss hit the jackpot!” one user commented. “What I would give to have you as a coworker. Best of luck!” another user wrote. 

We’re happy that at least one manager appreciated not only Danielle’s skills as a stylist, but her surely delicious cakes! 


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