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Wingstop Customer Says Worker Wrote 'Faty' On His Receipt After Calling In Large Order For Him & His Brother

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wingstop receipt calling customer 'faty,' wingstop restaurant

A Wingstop customer was left shocked after noticing his name was replaced with an offensive remark about his weight after ordering from the fast food restaurant.

In a TikTok video, Nino explained that he had called in to order food from a Wingstop in Killeen, Texas.

While the exchange with the Wingstop worker on the phone hadn't been out of the ordinary, he was taken aback when he went to pick up his food and saw what was written on his receipt.

Nino says the Wingstop worker wrote 'faty' on his receipt after placing a large order for him and his brother.

In Nino's video, which has boasted over 100,000 views, he returned to his car after picking up his food from Wingstop and decided to look at his receipt.

He acknowledged that while he doesn't usually like to make a big deal of things like this, the Wingstop worker, Briana, who took his order had taken things too far.

"I called in my order to this Wingstop and said that I got two guests [so] what do you have to feed two guests," he said in the TikTok video.

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After asking for a recommendation on what meal to get for a larger party, Briana tells him that he should order the "24-piece family-size meal."

"I said I'll take the 24, it's me and my brother, we watching the game, we gonna eat a couple of wings and we might eat a couple later," he continued.

He makes sure to tell Briana his name and that the order is for two guests, but when he arrived at Wingstop to pick up his order, he was shocked to see that instead of writing down his name on the receipt, the worker had written 'faty' instead.

"I don't think nobody should be treated like this, I just like fair service and fair customers," Nino remarked.

"Briana, this [isn't] the way to do it. This is a learning lesson, you gotta learn to do better. Treat everybody with respect. You never know who's watching."

In the caption of his video, Nino wrote, "I never do this but this was very unprofessional and disrespectful."

He had reached out to the location about the incident but didn't receive a clear enough response about what action would be taken against the Wingstop worker who wrote the name on his receipt.

"I wish nothing bad on her but to learn you can't treat people like this."

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TikTok users were outraged at what was written on Nino's receipt.

It wasn't long before other TikTok users voiced their disbelief in Nino's comment section.

"That's so messed up," one user wrote, while another user added, "that's not cool."

A third user admitted that they had called the store on Nino's behalf, but when they asked about the worker, she was said to "have left" the store.

"It's the fact that she knew it wouldn't just be a joke amongst them because [you] would see it on the receipt, so she flat out didn't give a f-k," a fourth user pointed out.

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