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Starbucks Worker Makes Fun Of Customer For Asking For A Refund On A $2 Tip That He Gave 'Accidentally'

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Starbucks Worker Sparks Debate On Tipping

A Starbucks worker named Joaquin has sparked debate online after posting a TikTok where he claims a customer asked one of his employees for a refund.

According to Joaquin, a fellow employee asked him for assistance in refunding the tip because he wasn’t sure how.

The Starbucks worker needed help refunding a $2 gratuity that the customer gave by accident.

In the TikTok that has since been deleted, Joaquin says “I’ve never refunded gratuity before… So I’m trying to give him a Service Recovery card — I have no clue what I’m doing.”

"For, like, ten minutes I’m trying to figure this out because the Service Recovery card is not working," Joaquin says in the video

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"So, we’re both standing there, and in my head I’m just thinking, it’s $2 dude. It’s not that serious," he adds "Like, I get we all have different budgets, but it’s also like, it was never that serious."

Many commenters gave him actual advice on what to do during this situation, such as voiding the entire transaction and ringing him up again without the tip.

One former Starbucks worker responded with a video stitch where she told him to take $2 out of the register.

He replied to the stitch with a comment that said “Because taking money from the company is definitely the move. That’s called stealing luv.”

Joaquin's TikTok sparked a debate on tipping at Starbucks, which was added as an option to card payments in December 2022.

For years the company has allowed customers to tip by leaving cash or when paying through the Starbucks app.

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As for this case, many commenters say they would let an accidental $2 tip slide.

One commenter claims he accidentally gave his tattoo artist a tip of $200 instead of $100.

He acknowledged this was his mistake and let the artist keep it, saying, “And fr that’s on me he got a fat tip that day.”

Others believe asking for $2 would be embarrassing, “I would DIE before asking for $2 back”.

Another writes “Everyone being like ‘$2 adds up’... if you can't spare TWO DOLLARS you don’t actually have the money to be buying fancy drinks.”

Some shared their compassion for the tipper and brought up that you never know what someone may be going through.

If he needs the $2 back then he should be able to ask for it back without judgment from the workers.

“$2 May not seem like a lot but a Coffee could be someone’s small treat that they had to budget for. Can’t shame them for that.”

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