LA Rams Wide Receiver Van Jefferson Welcomes A Baby Boy After His Wife Went Into Labor During The Super Bowl

She deserves a trophy!

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Rams wide receiver Van Jefferson is celebrating two major wins today after his wife, Samaria Jefferson went into labor during Sunday night's Super Bowl 2022.

After the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals, Jefferson rushed out of the SoFi stadium before celebrations could truly get underway in order to witness the birth of his second child.

Jefferson, 25, posted a photo on social media stating that he had welcomed a baby boy after catching four of eight targets for 23 yards and securing the Lombardi trophy for the LA Rams.


Who is Van Jefferson’s wife, Samaria Jefferson?

Samaria Jefferson, 23, is the mother of Van Jefferson’s two children. The couple have been married since Jefferson’s second year in the NFL after being selected in the 2020 NFL draft.

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Samaria Jefferson was due to give birth on February 17.

Samaria wasn’t going to miss seeing her husband play in the final for anyone, not even her baby!


The couple told The Athletic that they were hoping their son would hold on until after the game.

“I’m feeling pretty good — I’m definitely feeling 40 weeks [pregnant],” she said at a launch event earlier this week.

"Just like any other game, I'm going to be there this Sunday and I'm going to stay calm ... and pray to God my water doesn't break," she added.

"I am 100% going to be there. I would not miss this moment for anything.

“I’m excited about it,” the Rams player contributed. “Excited to play in the Super Bowl as well. … Two things going on. I’m happy about both of them. Maybe he can wait just a little bit longer, until after the Super Bowl!”


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Witnesses reported seeing Samaria leave the stadium on a stretcher before Jefferson was seen quickly leaving after the game to make it to the hospital.


Samaria reportedly told the Rams not to tell Van she went into labor.

Samaria had previously spoken on the plan she had in place with her husband, insisting that he play no matter what.

"I'll see you at the hospital afterwards,'" Samaria told Jefferson. "Hey, you go play. We'll see you after."

This plan seems to have been followed as Jefferson took his daughter to go to the hospital only after the game was over.

"It was a great day, bro," Jefferson said last night on Instagram Live.


"I got three prizes today — my wife, my son and the Super Bowl."

Van and Samaria Jefferson are high school sweethearts.

The couple both attended Ravenwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee and began dating in 2014.

When Samaria was 18, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Bella.


The pair did break up while Jefferson was in college but eventually reunited before marrying and welcoming their newborn.

“When we weren’t together, no matter how complete I felt within myself, it always felt like there was still a piece of me missing in you,” Samaria wrote of Jefferson in an Instagram post announcing her pregnancy.

“We left it to God,” Samaria also told The Athletic. “We let him do his thing and we said, ‘Hey, if it’s meant to be, then we’ll come back to each other.’ And that’s exactly what happened.”

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