Brian Laundrie’s Family Are Reportedly ‘Furious’ Over Woman Posing As His Ex-Girlfriend Gabriella Online

"I wish I could wake you up."

Gabriella Darling and Brian Laundrie Instagram

Brian Laundrie's family are reportedly enraged by a woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend on social media. 

The search for Brian Laundrie concluded in the Carlton Reserve area when Chris and Roberta Laundrie led law enforcement to an area that housed some of his personal items — leading them to find a skull that matched with Brian’s dental records, confirming his death.

Ever since that fateful day on October 20th, many have been grieving the loss of Brian’s murdered girlfriend, Gabby Petito, fearing she may never see justice — but one woman, Gabriella Darling, has been vocally grieving Brian's death on social media.


Who is Brian Laundrie's "ex-girlfriend," Gabriella Darling?

Gabriella Darling posted an emotional tribute to Brian Laundrie on her now-private Instagram in which she claims to be Brian's ex.

However, sources now claim she fabricated the story and has left his family livid over her claims.

Darling claimed to have dated Brian, never mentions when, but claims that this is the “hardest thing I’ve ever been through. Feels like a part of my heart has been ripped out, and no matter what, no one will be able to fill it.”


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“I get to keep every single thing we lived, every place we went to, every song we listen to, every conversation we had, the tears, and the laughs. I get to keep,” she continues, without recalling a specific memory that she had with him.

Darling also goes on to defend Brian because she believes that the media and everyone involved in the case hate him and think he’s a “monster.”

“Some people know you as a monster, I do not know that person,” she says. “I know the person that I had ups and downs with, the person that I shared occasional arguments over some things, and the person I eventually left for other reasons.”


Is Gabriella Darling really Brian Laundrie's ex?

According to a mutual friend of the Laundries who spoke to the media, Darling is not Brian's ex.

Brian's sister, Cassie Laundrie, was reportedly "furious" by the claims and Darling is now refusing to respond to the source.

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"It was messed up, and it made Cassie so mad," says the source.

Many online were also skeptical about her involvement in Brian’s life and questioned whether or not she really knew the “eternal flame” she spoke so highly of.

Someone on Twitter pointed out that she had previously posted comments to his Instagram that sounded the opposite of what she’s saying now.


“You can delete my comment all you want, but you can’t delete the life I lived with you at some point,” Darling wrote. “Oh even when we dated I always knew you were narcissistic and abusive.”

While her tone in this comment is a different tune than her tribute, she still claims to have been with Brian — but people claim she’s just someone looking for attention.


However, someone else defends her claims and even defends her change in tune — saying that it’s a result of grief.

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Twitter user April Dawn (@ApeJamba) claims to run one of the many Facebook discussion groups surrounding the case called “Leave the Laundries ALONE” alongside “Roberta’s friend Denise.”

“I want everyone to know that she is his ex and she is grieving,” she wrote in a message to everyone. “She had a good relationship with Brian and has always loved him. He was never abusive to her.”


She continues further, defending Darling’s comments that called him a narcissist and abusive.

“Early on, she was angry, confused, hurt,” she said. “She’s always said he wasn’t physical but jealous & controlling. She’s grieving & can say whatever she wants it was HER relationship it’s HER grief.”

However, given the new claims that the Laundrie family have contested Darling's story, it looks like this narrative about Brian may have been fabricated. 

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