Armie Hammer’s Aunt Reveals How He Became ‘A Monster’ & Details Her Traumatizing Experiences With Their Family

She's exposing their dark family secrets.

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Ahead of the premiere for "House of Hammer," a three-part Discovery+ docuseries on the many allegations against actor Armie Hammer and his family, Casey Hammer, is speaking out about the abuse she faced in their family.

“On the outside, we were a perfect family. But magnify 'Succession' a million times, and it was my family,” Casey Hammer said in the trailer for the series. 

“If you believe [in] making deals with the devil, the Hammers are top of the totem poll,” she continued. “I know my grandfather had a dark side, but I saw my father’s dark side first hand. And I’ve seen my brother’s dark side. It was like a monster unleashed. Now it’s Armie Hammer.”


Who is Casey Hammer?

Armie Hammer's aunt, Casey, is the granddaughter of oil tycoon Armand Hammer, daughter of Julian Hammer, and sister of Michael Armand Hammer, Armie's father. 

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She is also an actor, starring in the 1992 film "Leap of Faith," but now works as a kitchen designer for Home Depot and resides in San Diego, California. Casey is said to be estranged from the rest of her family amid her involvement in the "House of Hammers" docuseries.

Even though Casey isn't close with the rest of her family, in an interview with US Magazine, she revealed that she hadn't been "shocked" to hear about the abuse allegations made against her nephew.


“Based on how I grew up, I was exposed to horrific crimes and experiences that were covered up because it was behind closed doors and we couldn’t talk about it," she told the publication.

In early 2021, Armie was accused of sexual assault, abuse, and cannibalism by exes including model Paige Lorenze and a woman named Effie who came forward on social media. 

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“I thought, ‘Oh, here we go. Another Hammer man,’” Casey said. “What upset me was the fact that they were focusing on Armie and cannibalism and his career."

"[But] what about the victims that he’s left in his path? Whether it’s physical, mental, or any kind of abuse, it takes a toll on you. And you need to know that there’s others out there like you who are experiencing the same thing, and there is hope.”


In 'House of Hammers,' Casey speaks about the alleged abuse that dated all the way back to her grandfather, Armand, who had left little to Casey and her father in his will, according to Vanity Fair.

Casey Hammer accused her father, Armie's grandfather, of sexually abusing her. 

Casey Hammer alleged that Armand, along with the next three generations of Hammer men including her father, Julian Hammer; her brother, Michael Hammer; and her nephew, Armie Hammer, were sexually, physically, and mentally abusive. 

"It's crazy what was happening behind closed doors, as opposed to what was out in public," Casey said in episode two, according to Insider.

In a recollection of a specific incident, Casey remembers being 12 years old and holding up a phone book to protect herself as he father shot at her. In her self-published 2015 memoir, 'Surviving My Birthright,' she also alleged that her father sexually abused her as a child.


Julian was later accused of killing a man over gambling debt in 1995 — he claimed self-defense — before his 1996 death. 

“It was all I knew,” Casey wrote of her upbringing. “Back then you didn’t have social media, so you just thought this was the way normal rich, famous, wealthy people acted in Los Angeles. Behind closed doors, it was a free-for-all. Once you walked outside, my grandfather controlled the narrative."

"As long as you didn’t embarrass him, were camera-ready, and acted a certain way, you were fine. If you did anything to mess up, you were threatened with punishments and being disowned.”


Casey's one hope with the docuseries is that it helps Armie's alleged victims get justice. "Anybody that commits crimes and involves other people and hurts them needs to be held accountable."

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