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Why QAnon Believes Gabby Petito Is A 'False Flag' And 'Hoax' To Distract From Biden's Failures

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The case of Gabby Petito is being closely followed by the world as the FBI hunt down her fiance, and person of interest, Brian Laundrie.

Millions of people are anxiously anticipating following the nationwide search and waiting for details that will shed light on what happened to the 22-year-old travel vlogger. 

Among those keeping tabs on the case are the infamous QAnon supporters, who are spinning bizarre claims about Petito being a "crisis actor" who was hired to "distract" the masses from Biden's presidential failures. 

They've wasted no time in developing a theory around the homicide of Petito days after she was found dead in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Why QAnon conspiracy theorists believe Gabby Petito is a "false flag."

QAnon forums are buzzing over Petito's case, claiming she's an actress and using her to further their agendas about mainstream media distraction. 

QAnon groups on the instant-messaging platform Telegram have thrown all facts and logic out the window by constructing their own version of events. 

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As soon as Petito's body was discovered, multiple posts popped up all over QAnon Telegram channels like "GhostEzra" and "WeTheMedia." 

A Telegram user with the ID SherRryWW1G even wrote, "Somethings not right about this whole situation... this is clearly Black Ops to cover for Biden failures. Was he ever real? Is SHE? Another false flag right before the audits," alluding to the common QAnon conspiracy that the 2020 election was "rigged."

"This whole case was nothing but an FBI distraction, literally on every news channel," wrote a user with the ID OdinSon87.

"False flags" are believed to be a part of "deep-state agendas."

The common narrative that far-right conspiracists cling to is rooted in the belief that the government, or "deep state," utilizes "fake events" in order to distract the public from their agendas. 

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Popular speculations among QAnon groups are baseless and far removed from reality. 

"Think it's interesting her name is Gabby Petito and his name is Brian Laundrie. Gabby Petito = small talk Brian Laundrie = dirty laundry. Always suspicious of missing persons making huge news," reads an anonymous post on the messageboard site 8Kun. 

8Kun has become an online hub where QAnon conspiracy theorists gather after leaving sites 4chan and 8Chan behind. 

QAnon has a history of discrediting victims. 

Long before they started using Gabby Petito's name, the conspiracy group has infamously lashed out at victims and survivors on multiple occasions. 

During the Black Lives Matter movement, supporters said George Floyd was another "crisis actor."

In the case of the 2018 Parkland school shooting, QAnon supporters made claims that the horrific massacre was a "hoax." One Parkland survivor's father was even swayed by the far-right's conspiracy theories and believed his own son was a paid actor. 

QAnon theorists have also called the Sandy Hook shooting "staged." U.S Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene even responded with "that is all true" under a QAnon Facebook post back in 2018, which earned her massive backlash. The same post declared that events like 9/11 and the 1981 assasination attempt on Ronald Reagan's life were all "staged."

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