TikTokers Warn Each Other Not To Try Hypnosis Trend After Encountering ‘Demonic’ Figure While Under A Trance

Use this hypnosis at your own risk.

'Red Door, Yellow Door' Hypnosis Trend On TikTok TikTok

If you are an avid TikTok user, you have most likely encountered various hypnosis trends that circulate on the platform, but you've probably never believed them to be dangerous. 

One of the latest trends circulating the app is “Red Door, Yellow Door,” a hypnosis game designed for you to visualize a room with different colored doors in front of you. 

What is "Red Door, Yellow Door" hypnosis on TikTok? 


It requires at least two people to participate.

You are instructed by whoever is guiding the hypnosis to start opening the doors and describe your surroundings once you do. 

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One person is designed to be the “guide” of the hypnosis and responsible for leading the other person into their trance. They will place a pillow in their lap and sit upright. 


The other person must lie down and have their head in the guide’s lap, with their eyes closed and arms raised.

The guide will then begin to massage the other person’s temples in circular motions on both sides while chanting, “red door, yellow door, any other color door.”

Once the person is successfully placed in a trance and can visualize doors in front of them, they lower their arms to let their guide know they are there.

One major rule you need to know before going in, however, is if you come across another person in all black while opening doors, you must be pulled out of your trance immediately. 

The guide will then ask the other person questions, such as what color the doors are and where they’re located. 


People who have participated in "Red Door, Yellow Door" have described seeing one or two doors of various colors in front of them, or a series of doors lined up. 

The doors can be in a hallway, a house, or even standing on their own in an empty field. 

As long as the person can see the doors, they are in a trance

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While continuing to massage their temples, the guide will instruct the other person to open a door of their choice and describe their surroundings. 

Upon opening the door, the other person can encounter anything from another set of doors to a bare room. 


Sometimes, this is all they will experience as they continue through doors, other times, they may come across other people. 

While in this trance, people are advised not to interact with any other person they see because they may invite demonic spirits into the real world. 

The demons can appear in the form of a man wearing an all-black or all-white suit or a woman dressed in black. 

Once the person sees the man or woman, their guide must immediately pull them out of the trance to avoid any unwelcome spirits entering our physical reality. 

Guides are also instructed to pull their subjects from the trance if they encounter a room full of clocks or a staircase leading downwards, as the person could reportedly become trapped in the trance-like state permanently. 




The origins of "Red Door, Yellow Door" are unknown, but the hypnosis trend is taking TikTok by storm.

Users who have recorded their experiences with "Red Door, Yellow Door" exit the trance traumatized by what they experienced and cannot fully comprehend what they saw. 

TikTok user @amreeeeeenn posted a video of her cousin and herself participating in the trend. 


Her cousin, who is in a trance, describes seeing blood all over a door and then wakes with a jolt after a few moments. 

She becomes hysterical and tells her cousin that she saw a man — she is inconsolable even after she is out of the trance. 



“This game is very much real. But be careful because things can attach to you and it’s not good,” one user commented. 


“I’m so glad she got up cause if she didn’t nobody knows what would have happened,” another user wrote. 

No one is stopping you from attempting "Red Door, Yellow Door" yourself, but do so at your own risk! 

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