How Using The ‘Honey Spell’ To Attract Love Into Your Life Can Dangerously Backfire

Be careful!

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TikTokers are warning one another about the potential dangers of trying out the viral "honey spell."

The spell is WitchTok's latest trend that users are trying to manifest people into their lives. However, the trend is not for everyone and users have issued cautions to those who are opening themselves up to bad karma by practicing the ritual.

What is TikTok’s 'Honey Spell' trend?

The "honey spell" is a method used by people to attract a person into your life.


If done correctly, it is said to make the other person feel obsessed with the person carrying out the method — which involves people drawing a cross with honey on their tongues.

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A TikTok user has posted a video explaining how to do this method.



She said that the first step would be to get some honey while thinking about particular things.


“While you’re grabbing the honey, make sure to start thinking about the person that you want to be obsessed with you,” she said. “And saying affirmations like 'you're so obsessed with me' or 'they're always texting/calling me.'"

After that is done, the honey should be used to make a cross on the top or the bottom of the tongue.

As a result, many TikTok users have been posting videos of themselves performing the honey method.



The important thing while performing this method is to be positive and not have any doubts, however, this method can quickly become dangerous.


TikTokers say the 'honey spell' is only for Hispanic or Latino people.

TikTokers are warning non-Hispanic people to avoid using the spell, explaining that it’s not like other neo-pagan rituals on the app.

As TikToker Jenny Luna points out, the practice is ‘brujeria’ — a type of witchcraft native to Latin American and Afro-Caribbean cultures.

“Babe, it’s brujeria, not witchcraft," Luna writes in a video calling out other creators who have criticized the Latino community for warning non-Hispanics against the trend.

"It’s a closed practice. If you’re not Hispanic you literally cannot do it, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble.”


How the honey spell could backfire or result in karma.

Another TikTok user, Jolena Andreozzi, posted a video explaining how this method could easily backfire.



She mentioned the person’s thinking could lead to a backfire of the spell — if a person is thinking that it can backfire, it will backfire.

Andreozzi mentioned that the negative possibility of the spell is also why she wouldn’t recommend the honey jar methods for love spells.


She said, “You’re literally binding this person to you forever and they can backfire so easily especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

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Andreozzi further stated that people can identify if the spell backfired by seeing if the person is obsessing over their potential partner by thinking about them all the time.

“Are you obsessing about this person? can you not stop thinking about this person? can you not eat? can you not sleep?... Are they on your mind 24/7 [to] the point where it’s like sickening and you can’t do anything else? If so, it backfired,” she said.


Andreozzi claimed that fortunately, there is a method to fix it or undo it.

The jar needs to be emptied to free the person from the obsession.

She said, “By taking all the elements out of the jar, burying them and giving it back to the earth.”


She further mentioned that the final step would be to take apart the jar and to do a cleansing of yourself.

TikTokers mentioned the honey spell works and shared their experiences.

Many people shared their thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

People who tried the honey method claimed that it worked for them.

One user wrote, "I did a honey jar and they are really nice to me now. I do think of them but not obsessively."

However, many people mentioned that they also faced backfires.

Another person wrote, "Hey girl, I did a honey spell on my tongue and it backfired. He hates me now, how can I reverse it?"

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